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Hail & Ride: Near the Parenthesis, Chachi Jones, Yoko Solo


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  1. how much acid can musicians consume before showing their wares? i dont know … but whoa! this crew rocks the psychedelics! or rock mine… either way.. whoa!!! i stared at a coloured light globe and dreamt of the alice in wonderland and then i noticed my arm was purple and then i touched myself in time with the beat… blow my brains out im going to mars… the music made me do it…

  2. man….i wish you would go to mars…

  3. why…you want a visitor??

  4. 🙂 yeah man….

  5. Some good stuff, plus Funkstorung get a look in! 🙂

  6. ya know mikerism…if you weren’t so damn consistent with it, I might almost find myself wishing you WOULD go to Mars, but i gotta say after having read litterally dozens of your perverted yet oddly amusing posts–yer keepin’ it real brother, and I’ve got respect for ya. its an odd world you live in my friend but its yours and no one can take that away from you…

    …and this set is sick. bust it.

  7. much respect road…born to listen…

  8. Outaspace freqs armed with laptops …

  9. now past the first 30min and quite pleased. a somewhat experimental set that turns out to be quite chill and easy to listen – unlike some of todays german experimental ‘noise’

  10. sorry but i’m not sure if this even qualifies as music. just sounds like a bunch of random noise to me. i guess i don’t get minimal.

  11. try out in and around 1:18

  12. I like the little uplifting bit at around 1:08. Should I know what it is or does it just exist on some genius’s laptop? Respect to chin strokers everywhere.

  13. Hell yeah, nice play of the FX Randomiz at ~31:00!! That is one of the best albums ever pressed! Nice set; so far, so sweet…

  14. Ditto need to know the jazziness at 1.08. Fantastic stuff!

    Answers on a postcard…..

  15. Yeah, I think it is the first board i’ve seen somebody replying to mikerism’s posts! But mike, you rule! I dont know where u get all those funky feelings from, but first thing I do before listening to one of those mixes here is reading your comment about it. just to know how it will make me feel

    Keep it up, but don’t go to high or youll lose it!


  16. ever vigilant my friend! glad to hear that you funkify yourself in the betalounge way… good times my friend, good times…

  17. Those hard beats at the end sure are nice; love the contrast around 2:54 – thanks for a great season B!

  18. o d e 2 m i k e r i s m _

    what would this place be
    without ye
    fluid soaked filthy skanky madness
    spewing froth and funk and auto-erotic glory
    i shall not imagine a place
    without mikerism
    skanking up the scene

    i raise this cup in toast to you!

    to mikerism: unsavory discharge!

  19. claddo: I’m pretty sure that track’s from Daedelus, but if I’m wrong, find some Daedelus anyway, b/c that’s the kind of grooovy goodness he makes. Check out the releases of his from Laboratory Instict (, since i can vouch for those! enjoy

  20. yokosolo…truly beautiful words.. *sob*… i love you.. thank you…

  21. claddo and kurt, it is indeed Daedelus…

    Daedelus – A Touch of Spring – Dublab Presents EP – Plug Research

  22. chachi jones is one of the most interesting musicians of this beginnng of century / he’s a genius : no more, no less ///

    sébastien from paris

  23. nice. d’accord avec relou

    reminds me of the Mitchel Akiyama set of 11.08.01. check it out
    slightly ahead of his time. I keep missing him when he (rarely) appears live here in town.

    blunted in montreal

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