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Alex Barck [Jazzanova]


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  1. what is the first track????? Please please please!!!

  2. poulet, Artist: Mary Clark Title: Take me I’m yours Appears on: The Kings Of Disco The Kings Of Disco Part B

  3. Not to cop all your secrets, but please tell me who that is around 50 minutes. I think Ive heard that artist on some other BL sets, quality stuff.

  4. @tonyverra: it’s fat freddys drop from new zealand. the track is featured on the new ffd album ‘based on a true story’ which will be released on sonar kollektiv end of june. check the sonar kollektiv website for further details.

  5. simple, clean, funky, flowing…AB is a cut above the rest, thank you Beta Lounge!

  6. Great stuff…. respect!

  7. can anyone identify the track at 01:34:00 or so? female vocals. have heard it before but don’t remember… thanks, alex

  8. I agree! That track at 1:34 is pretty sweet. Who is it? I’d buy it.

  9. sweet sweat streams out from me as i writhe and bounce to this set… its a pretty cool feeling licking yourself in time with the beat.. but this groove can do that to you.. listen carefully and dig how the funk moves you… cool times are coming, but for now, get hot with AB .. the jazz General…

  10. Loving the track around 50 mins…male vocal, shuffling and horns…..excellent and it appears someone’s id the artisit…god this site is way cool!

  11. At 50 min that sounds like Fat Freddy’s Drop out of New Zealand. They have a new album out now. I have been using the following website out of the UK to buy my music, they sell all of the major labels like Sonar Kollective, Ninja Tunes, Compost, aned many other obscure but excellent labels.

  12. Thanks for the link I purchased the album direct from Sonar Kollective, because Juno couldn’t do the biz….cost a fair wac for postage but you know what it’s like when you got to have a certain record! Thanks again

  13. This mix is dope. Re-affirms once again why Jazzanova are kings. Anyone know the track at ~0:40:40? The funky piano shuffle a couple trax before Fat Freddy’s Drop?

  14. ooh me goodness. alex is the king. class act! get me to the dancefloor… gotsta have track 1 and track 2… and track 3 and… : ) Trainspotter required for full tracklisting : )

  15. Track ID starting at 18min please???? Thansk for global help!

  16. Hi! maybe someone can help with id’ing this dubby deephouse track starting 1:06:10… Thanks in advance!

  17. Re: recommended dowlnload site: so, so, so easy to use and VERY reasonable $$$ wise. mostly upbeat and deep house- awesome!!

  18. would also like to know the cut at about 40:40ish before fat freddy if anyone knows. great cut and great mix.

  19. the track at 40 minutes is Broken Slang with Capitol A on vox and Indeep samples a plenty. I think it’ll be out soon on Mantis. Not sure when though.

  20. After Fat Freddy’s Drop is the IG Culture remix that recently came out on Deeper Soul Recs.

  21. It’s Like Butta Baby.

  22. Love this mix Alex! Esp. 1:14-1:20 both tracks, any clues to what they are?? so sweet. thanks for the tunes!

  23. That Benny Sings remix at 1:01:30 is awesome! Where can I get it?

  24. wow, i think this kinda sucks. This guy can’t improvise. I thought there was good stuff on this site.

  25. beauty beauty mix . well done alex nice seleckshan from leeds and armley masiff

  26. cosmology you dont know diddly from dangy D’Ya GET ME Foo ?

  27. great mix of funky house ,jazzy souly enjoy

  28. That track at 40 minutes is Capitol A – In The Mix and not Broken Slang. It’ll be out on Sonar K very soon. The 4 Hero remix of the Benny Sings is already out on Sonar K. Love that Common tune with John Legend warbling all over it. Kanye is the man.

  29. Hi everyone ! Does anybody knows what is the track that begins at nearly 1:42:50 ? Thanks for the help and keep listening and sharing good sounds like this !

  30. Track ID at 2:24? Much appreciated.

  31. Hey. I LIKE BetaLounge..almost all off it,, and a little comment to: cosmology… what kind of fool are you? how can you say that a site containing more than 400 shows are bad? FOOL. Goobye and i hope i never see you again here… To the rest of BetaLoung´s lovers… have a nice stay.. and maybe listen to this it´s groovy: Kind regards Claes Petter…

  32. Just wanted to say I checkd out that website,, andit is effen sweet!! Do you know of anymore like that?? Oh, and BETA LOUNGE ROCKS!!!!!!! Devoted fan since 2002. Jessica

  33. Does anyone know the 2:15:00 track? Thanks

  34. The track at 2:24 is Beau Mot Plague (Freedom reform pts 1-2) by Isolee. The track was included in a compilation called Cafe Mundo: An electro world experience. I love that track. I play it regularly at my radio show. God save Beta Lounge!

  35. any one know the track at 1:36?

  36. I love this set…the Jazzanova guys rock. But please, if anyone can help me – what is the tune with a great piano / horn lick starting at about 41 mins, after Capitol A – In The Mix…?? I have to have that tune!! thanks, Dan

  37. Hi, What is the song that starts at 14:00 minutes? It sounds like the vocals and guitar riffs are from A Taste of Honey..but Im not sure. Who does this song and what is the name of it?

  38. they did it again! Anyone have a full tracklist of this set? Simply amazing! Of course they wouldnt have it any other way!

  39. 53:25 need to know what tune that is!! sounds like they’re saying ‘enlight’ ???

  40. Always great music!

  41. the first track is norman wells-hold on, a reissue is out now on Sonarkollektiv

  42. norman weeks;)

  43. Love this set. Anyone knows the dubby reggaetrack starting 1:06:10…

  44. dahburger: track on 01:13 – 01:18 is Fat Freddy`s Drop – Del Fuego on Secret Love 2 Compilation.

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