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The Last Beta Lounge @ Hamburger Botschaft


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Beta Lounge Countdown #3 – The Grand Finale

Es hilft ja alles nix: Am 08.06. steigt die letzte Beta Lounge in und aus der Hamburger Botschaft. Wie in den Anfangsjahren starten wir bereits um 16:00 Uhr und begehen das Ganze mit einem Monster Allstar Line Up aus 18 1/2 Jahren… Und Don Ergün vom Peacetanbul grillt vor der Tür auf!

Line Up was awesome 🙂


  1. Weil die Erlaubnis nicht gestattet ist 🙁

  2. on december 13, 1999 a friend of mine, who was working at wired magazine out in sf, sent me link to from the first listen i was hooked. as a dj hobbiest with diverse tastes it was as though someone had taken all the music that played in my head and streamed it. i quickly developed a habit where i would record the shows, listen to them back, and save off what i liked.

    i have a touch of OCD, so everything in my life makes it’s way into spreadsheets – including beta lounge. since that email back in 1999 i have listened to 821 shows, and heard more gems than i care to count. those gems have become the soundtrack of my life.

    so today, as i listen to the last hour of “the last beta lounge” it forces me to reflect. i can’t send enough love to the beta lounge crew for what you have created and kept going for all these years. thank you!

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