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The Last Beta Lounge @ Hamburger Botschaft


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Beta Lounge Countdown #3 – The Grand Finale

The “Last Beta Lounge” is now online. Deeply thx to everybody who made this night so glorious and unforgettable. To all the dancers, all the listeners and especially also to the Crew behind the bar who did an incredible job that night. To the boys in S.F. and to the almighty OLT on his sailing ship somewhere in the atlantic adjusting the server machines from there. Every tiny bit of everything made the whole picture. And it’s a beautiful one!
Beta Lounge is forever!

Line Up was awesome 🙂


  1. Weil die Erlaubnis nicht gestattet ist 🙁

  2. on december 13, 1999 a friend of mine, who was working at wired magazine out in sf, sent me link to from the first listen i was hooked. as a dj hobbiest with diverse tastes it was as though someone had taken all the music that played in my head and streamed it. i quickly developed a habit where i would record the shows, listen to them back, and save off what i liked.

    i have a touch of OCD, so everything in my life makes it’s way into spreadsheets – including beta lounge. since that email back in 1999 i have listened to 821 shows, and heard more gems than i care to count. those gems have become the soundtrack of my life.

    so today, as i listen to the last hour of “the last beta lounge” it forces me to reflect. i can’t send enough love to the beta lounge crew for what you have created and kept going for all these years. thank you!

  3. Much love to the crew. I spent many hours in the library during college (1999-2003) listening and loving all of it. You will be missed.

  4. Is it the last one for real, no more bullshit burger mix ???

    Thanks so so much, you’ve opened my eyes on many artist and many different kind of music…
    Betalounge is a big part of my life and I hope the website will stay alive to allow us to play all our favorite mix forever. I’m glad, back in 2000, I found it accidentally. All the best to the crew behind, for sure you’ll be missed, but every good moment and even life comes to an end…

    Cheers from France

  5. The DJ saved my life for 20 years of riveting, real, beautiful, non-scripted music

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