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Pantha du Prince (live)


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  1. wow,einfach nur geil!

  2. a long smooth hard set with soft bits.. like an elephants phallus.. but funkier. and with some trippy bits.. whoa! i had some fun.. and it went real fast with this on!

  3. Excellent live set, confirming (yet again) just how much I love the Dial Records label. Dial Records have an aesthetic all their own: moody, melancholic, melodic. If you liked this, be sure to check out the Lawrence live set on the Beta Lounge, as well as the team-up DJ session of Lawrence and Carsten Jost.

  4. What are the dates on the Lawerence sets–both of em?


  5. Wuz chillin’ to this grooove while baby scrubs my back…de-funk-a-licious! BetaLounge is da bessss!

  6. i hope i am not the last to believe in this genre as the most innovative styles nowadays

  7. grossartig. schwebt einfach über allem und färbt mir das gehirn in den buntesten tönen.

  8. Hey there Road 27! The Lawrence live set is dated 02.07.04 and the Lawrence/Carsten Jost DJ set is 10.05.02. Both are really great sets, the live set being incredibly melancholic and introspective, the DJ set being more dark and moody yet danceable. Hope you like ’em!

  9. …..can we have more of this on the Beta Lounge please?

  10. hi eanybody tell me the track runing at around 54min please?

  11. encore please … 🙂

  12. Groovy and slow moving i love it

  13. Dangerous set. Very dangerous indeed. Are all the trax from Mr. Weber?

  14. c’est un plaisir pour lui ecute, pantha rocks, es poca madre el cabron, unas mezclas mas elaboradas que las ultimas que hizo en el 2006, pero bueno, le hecho ganas el cabron , arriba el Pantha y arriba Mexico cabrones !!!!!

  15. I agree with psyreactor, this is one of the most innovative genres these days, obviously giving all the credit to Pantha du Prince and the Dial folks. This is very influential, I’ve been listen to this over and over without getting tired. Hope more people start doing more of this stuff with the same quality.
    Good job Pantha du Prince
    God save Beta Lounge.

  16. very sweet.

  17. anyone knowing why is that big silence between the last 2 tracks? also, what is the last track? that is so groovy!

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