This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Quaketrap, Robotspeak, Circuit73


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Quake Trap, Circuit73 and Robotspeak bring the shattered flop-blap bass gunk, sonic candy crystals, riddim-junk and toe jam screamhop with the Crux, Schrödinger’s Mac, Circuit73, Shaggy Manatee, PROC3SSR3B3L, Yoko Solo, and 370.


  1. ha ha ha haaahaaa.. lets all join the robots in their quest to take over the earth.. i want to be abused by the robots who take inspiration from this set in their quest to pleasure all earthly human beings.. sheild your groin areas people.. the robots have risen and shall come for you.. listen to this set at your leisure, and perhaps your peril… ha ha haaaaa

  2. To all concered,keep up the good work!

  3. sounds like robotic indigestion…How much G are you guys on?

  4. Nice freakin sets laptop boyz. Ya’ll should put up a playlist for the who is the who for all of the world to see. expose

  5. Ask you shall receive Mr. Vaturbo. Timecodes are up.

  6. the robots will rust…

  7. We’re living in Las Vegas. Sitt’n by the pool, out side of our house, looking at the stars. Hooked up to the http://www…... Porcini on the mind. Married for 6 years now. We listened to this set ad Fu@ked our brains out at 102 degrees in the shade!

    Then we layed there and freaked for another hour or two!


  8. Beware Americans, Robots are smarter than you. – jk

  9. ah seees what the beat kin do fo a couple riddy to ride, si? Mah own girlfren gone….gotta beat by myself….

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