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Tipper, Freq Nasty


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  1. It was a great show, especially because they spin not only breaks records, but hip-hop and leftfield sounds too. Excellent!

  2. WOW! Another gem from the breakbeat masters!
    Gotta love Tipper at the beginning of this, then Freq Nasty takes it to the next level with the dub breaks.
    Listen to this!

  3. perfect blend of beats here!!!! if u want to get a party started and finished, this is how u do it!!!!!!

  4. yes yes. Nice break beat mix. Refeshing change. This one goes out to the oldschool ravers. 2.34.

  5. wickid! i loves em breaz!

  6. top quality – lovin this mix from start to finish!

  7. freq nasty, you made my day with your energetic dj-set!

  8. the stuff i love to spin… i own at least 10 Freq Nasty records and i’ll never get tired of them. Why doesn’t betalounge have more Breakz and Nu Skool sets? I guess theyd have to call it Beta Breaks if that were the case.

  9. This sh*t rocks! Is it possible to get a copy of this mix on cd???

  10. Anyone have even a partial tracklisting? I got all the ones that are on Tip-Hop but that’s about it.

  11. wat fuckin legends sweet bass lines always .

  12. super cool mix, I wish that you guys push the flash vs crappy real audio šŸ™‚

  13. Wow what an awesome mix. So glad this is still available for listening pleasure

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