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Florian Keller


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Party-Keller / Munich



  1. …funked my pants over this, what an awesome set, loved it! (actually still lovin it, had to drop a line…)

  2. Arch ! Florian Keller, can’t wait to hear it (me too I had to drop a line)

  3. playlist:

    lee oskar – our road (elektra lp)
    star quality & class – betcha got a dude on the side (r&r 12″)
    dizzy k – saturday night raps (compost v.a. party-keller vol. 3)
    brenda taylor – you can’t have the cake and eat it too (west end 12″)
    nuri – let’s vote (tyson park 12″)
    eastbound expressway – never let go (avi 7″)
    plunky & oneness of juju – every way but loose (black fire 12″)
    matrix 5 – bicentennial boogie (compost v.a. party-keller vol. 3)
    rozaa & wine – disco boogie woman (right on! 7″)
    joe bataan – woman don’t wanna love me – 45 version (epic 7″)
    neil reed – gonna find a way (m 7″)
    madeline & montichellos – binding ring of gold (de-vel 7″)
    entertains – why couldn’t i belive them (steel town 7″)
    mc gee que – a strong rhyme to step to (ke 12″)
    m.c . lyte – poor georgie (first priority 12″)
    jimmy spicer – bubble bunch (mercury 12″)
    v.i.p. connection – west coast drive (morning star 7″)
    armada orchestra – for the love of money (t.k. 12″)

    tobe continued…

  4. playlist pt. 2:

    big jim “h” – jungle fever (stereo gold award lp)
    m.c. bizzy & d.j. quick rick – jessy & tammy (3rd street rec. 12″)
    supreme dj nyborn – versatile extension (payroll 12″)
    singing mc breeze & hand master flash – discobombulatorbubalator (breeze 12″)
    tavell feat. the kids – the rap (go ben 7″)
    she – ms. dj rap it up (clappers 12″)
    wayne & charlie the rapping dummy – check it out (sugar hill 12″)
    lonnie love – young ladies (profile 7″)
    gino dentie – express (compost v.a. party-keller vol. 3)
    unknown artist – radiation funk (maxwell 7″)
    dizzy k – take it to the dj (compost v.a. party-keller vol. 3)
    al kent – the disco joint – million dollar edit (kat 12″)
    g.c. cameron – no matter where you are (motown 7″)
    cosen few – we are the chosen few (mod-art 7″)
    gene harris – as (blue note lp)
    nancy wilson – i’m in love (columbia lp)

  5. way too much annoying disco stuff and silly hip hop.. where’s the serious groove?

  6. @ jody777:
    maybe you find your “serious groove” in one of the other 800+ mixes here i suppose. the annoying thing of the disco here: there’s only 2 real disco joints, should’ve been playing more.

  7. oh snap jody777 got burned!

    nice set florian keller!

  8. Whoah! I was slow on this one but definitely feeling the block party vibe. Big ups Florian!

    Ps. the photos above – lucky kids being introduced to these sounds at such a young age! What a good father. Unfortunately my dad introduced me to Tubular bells and Neil Diamond at that age šŸ™

  9. And I just read jody777’s comments. LOL Jody! Very funny – what a sense of humour! Yeah, we need more ‘serious groove’ … more tech house … more photocopy machine sounds …

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