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Special Long-Distance Set


  1. Awesome, just in time for the good weather. Great to see you guys on here again. Thanks!!

  2. crazy set once again my dear fellows!

    anybody knows the trackname of the stevie wonder thing @ 1.42?



  3. Hey urugay, thank you very much. At 1.42.xx that’s Owusu & Hannibal with “Upstairs, Downstairs”. Killer track!

  4. Another classic mix!!!!
    Great to hear you guys back on Betalounge again!
    No doubt this will be the soundtrack of my summer!!

    The electro track at 2hrs 26mins has blown my mind, if you could give details of the track i would be really grateful.

    Peace and love!
    RenegadeUK (aka uklittleguy)

  5. hammer und dope … tracklist plz!?!

  6. Unfortunately we cannot poste a whole tracklist here. But please feel free to ask for any song(s) you like.

  7. hey fireman,
    like hacking with gracefully beats in my back.-) good man

  8. Sweet !!!

    anyone got the track id at 02:03:00 ?

  9. Yo cosco, that’s Zero 7 with “Throw It All Away”.
    Big up to Nhu for passing the track to me and blessing my trip to Cape Town with it!!! Just sweet.

  10. Hi reefster, this is a great mix!
    Please could you give details of the track at 2hrs 26mins.
    Thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. wicked

  12. hey reefster!
    you coming to cape town?
    hope you are gonna play in some of our clubs!
    lawoman (cape town)

  13. heyho renegade..

    sorry for not getting back..

    track @ 2:26 is the allmighty siriusmo from berlin. synth artist extraordinaire.. check:

    siriusmo – simple (from the ’08 ep diskoding)


  14. Hello from Beijing, thanks for the great 6h set, we dined and partied to the full set last night, awesome and the girls were happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I woke up with tracks starting 3:51:30 and 4:03 in my mind, what are they again??

  15. Hey yann, thank you very much. It’s great to hear that this music is enjoyed by and makes people dance all around the world!
    The Track at 3:51:30 is the dfa remix of “Deceptacon” by Le Tigre.
    The track around 4:03:00 is Joakim’s remix of DJ Mehdi’s “Pocket Piano”.
    If you know any clubs in Beijing where this kind of music is played, let me know. We’d love to visit China soon!
    Cheerio! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Oh lawoman: we’ve already been to Cape Town in February. We played at the Living Room and at the Chevelle (latter one was pretty strange though).
    Hopefully we’ll return next January/February. Do you live in CT? Lucky you!

  17. thx reefster : D

  18. Still marvelous! greets from Poland

  19. Listening to your mix gets me through the work days.

    What’s the name of the track that starts at 12:12?

    Thanks man!

  20. Thanks poinx. Glad to hear! The track is L-Fudge “A Night at Hunt’s Point”. I think that track has never been released as a single though…the album is “Chronic Irresponsibility”.

  21. Hi,

    really nice show. Could you please tell me, what song starts at about 58:05 minutes (with the “straight to hell”-theme in the background)?


  22. Big Ups from Australia!

    Every time you guys nail it! What a treat to get almost 6hrs of Intelligent music – Wow!

    That Cal Harris track at 3hr10ish was smoking along with so many others. My buddies and I wouldn’t know where to start to request tracks – loads of gold.

    Thanks from a crew of admirers.. Peace.

  23. Greetings from Amsterdam! Fettes sound for the whole day! Many thanks for giving us pure joy and happiness!

  24. hello from Vancouver.
    This is an awesome mix! thank you

  25. Hot butter on what say PopCorn,
    check out the melody,

  26. Thanks for joy! And perfect mix…

  27. and a fine cherry at the top ๐Ÿ™‚ Niemen at the end! Lovely.

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