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Star Eyes


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Many people kept sending mail about the Star Eyes Mix broadcasted from the dogpatch in San Francisco in 2001. The original file got lost and just through the help of a beta lounge friend & true listener from Rotterdam we are able to bring this back online. Cheers Gerd and much Respect!


  1. Awesome, I listened to this one live BitD, thanks for rolling back the clock on this one.

  2. hi there, so what happened to all the older shows from staple house crew from the 90’s and all the other shows from the 90’s? WMC? mixmaster morris? well hope to hear back from you

  3. back in time again

  4. I’m so sorry to bitch but :O Where is the download button on all of these – you’ve got to make it easy on us all and enable downloads Heard that you’re bringing it all back – so please bring back the Download button and I’ll Contribute what I have – I’m like the guy with the star eyes 2001 show after all these years – I have a few of these shows also 🙂 you know were all going to snag them either way so please think about making it an official DL. I’m sick of Dual feeding it and all of the Japanese apps to copy and do it so have a heart Guys – I know you have it otherwise you wouldn’t be bringing it all back! Playing these Massive Files online is just ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS & IM Really Truly SORRY, but ILL BE BACK ONLY TO CHECK FOR A DL Button 🙁

    • @ matthew:
      the reason we don’t provide a dl-button is also the reason we’re still around… think about it.
      but recording in realtime is not a crime. i dunno about those japanese apps you mentioned but audio hijack is a very good tool for that. it’s a small investement that brings a huge benefit.
      and one more thing:
      there never was a dl-button!
      there is none now.
      and apparently there will be none in the future…!
      sorry and peace out, mr. williams…

  5. Would really Really really really really LOVE to hear this again –
    Boo Williams live @ Staple with Translucent(trumpet) 05/27/00
    Then I could die a happy man

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