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Room with a view label showcase


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feat. Dairmount and Berardi + Marlow


  1. greetings from victoria BC. awesome set!

    what’s the track that starts at 55:00?


  2. and the track at 1:44:44 ?!?!

  3. and 1:47:00 ??

    muchas gracias!

  4. Amazing set! You have to listen to this.

    Thanks beta lounge for bringing us all of the awesome music over the years!

  5. Just when you think it can’t get any better !
    Thank you beta lounge and this set [room with a view] YOU MADE MY DAY.Love all of it.Some of the old tracks bring back beautiful days
    USA Boston, MASS

  6. A fine set with incredible development. Merci les gars!

  7. reet good

  8. really nice set!! Can anyone please advise on the opening track?

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