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Smallville Special


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featuring Dionne & Blessing



  1. 420 in taiwan

  2. Nice one.
    Thanks guys. Peace and respect from Amsterdam.

  3. great mix…I am now at 2:50 and its getting better and better!!! thanks… any track ID`s??

    2:08 Move D??? something on smallville?? I am not shure about…
    2:19 vocal moma`s groove (osunlade) but a rmx I dont know??
    2:37 Tuning Spork rec. TS EXTRA | SOCIAL BEING | Free your mind (and a Acappella of Detroit grand pubahs)

  4. hey there , thx for listening .

    2:08 is : mike grant – my soul my spirit (mr g rmx)

    and the osunlade track :Momma’s Groove (Nomumbah’s Remix)


  5. I love this mix!!

  6. Hi,

    great mix! Hope there will be another Smallville special soon.

    Any track id’s for 46:12 and 51:10 (features sample from Carly Simon – Why )

    P. Gonzalez

  7. min 46 is:Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework)

    min 51 is:Popular People’s Front – Why Can’t I Stop?


  8. Thx for the great mix!!!Please more!!!
    Any track ID’s:?:
    01:25:00 and 01:46:00

  9. 1:25 is: DJ Jus-Ed – Unbelievabely Beautiful (The Original Mix)

    1:46 is: Headless Ghost – Forever Deep

    any comments are appreciated


  10. Hi Dionne, I’m interested in the names of the first two songs…

    Thanks man.

  11. 1 Std. durch – super bisher!

    Was’n das bei Min 55 und das davor?

  12. hey,

    intro is:David Kristian – La Dernière Voix

    first track:Manmade Science – They Like To Watch

    second is :Super Value 03 – A2 Untitled

    track @ min 55:6th Borough Project – The Formula (Dub Vibes)

    der track davor ist unten schon genannt.


  13. Hy Dionne,

    Very nice work. Thank you for the mix.
    Would that be possible to know what track it is at 00:19:30 ?

  14. 19:30 Mark E & Dragon – Good Times (original)

  15. track @ 34 minutes is james brown on loop… hypnotizing. what is this shit?

  16. Hey everybody, what’s the track @ 1:06:00 ?
    Very nice job, thx

  17. Ich hab hier schon viele gute Sets gehört, aber diese hier topt fast alle. Traumhaft schön an vielen Stellen. Freu mich auf eine Fortsetzung…!

  18. thx for all that feedback

    @mollo …track at min 1.06 is :

    “Makam – New York Hustler”

  19. the track @ 2:23:00 makes me crazy! please tell me the name!
    thanx a lot…

  20. sooo special and smooth, like it alot, thanks!

    and of course another track request 😉

    1h51min … what’s this… with the “hey” vocal sample?

    thank you

  21. ok, it’s rebecca pidgeon – learn to pray (charles webster dub)

  22. hey mallo , 2:23 is :

    Gowentgone – love and respect

  23. does anyone know the track at 2:33? does it actually include the interview in the background?

  24. i’d like to know this track, too

  25. really really enjoyed this one. thanks.

  26. What’s is it next just after Rebecca Pidgeon on Min. 1:57?!
    A quite known tune though… ??!

  27. Thanks… I agree this set is timeless 😉

  28. 1:57 is Mr G … Balance on the Careless Label

  29. Thanks so much. What a track!

  30. hey does any body know the song near the start that has the lyrics ‘la di da di da, why does your love hurt so much’ its a rad feel-good tune

  31. it’s carly simons “why”

  32. cheers thanks. what about the the track on 2 hours and 1 minute in

  33. hour 2:01 is “Djinxx – freetime”


  34. Hey,

    Thank you for posting track titles, really appreciate it.

    What is the track on 27 minutes ? I love it.

  35. Hi All,

    What is this lovely disco track at ca. 39min with the ‘you got me closer now…’lyrics? Would be great if someone could help me out on that.

    Many thanks

  36. ok
    track at min 27 is : “Eddie C – You’re Welcome”
    the one at min 39 is: “Celi Bee – closer, closer”


  37. Sorry to post so late for such an incredible set, but I’d love to know the name of the track playing through the first 3-4 minutes, it’s an amazing remix, I love it.

    Any help appreciated BetaLounge lovers.

  38. Disregard the last post, I found and purchased it 🙂

  39. Ill set,man this is Ph fresh.Whats the track @ 1:37:37 .. also any booking info on the artist playing around 1:37:37..

  40. hey mate at 1:37:37 the tune coming in is this is that the one your looking for?

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