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Nico Palermo, Sascha Funke


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Sascha Funke (Bpitch Control / Berlin)


  1. nice to have a fresh sascha funke mix on betalounge. who can say when it’s sascha funke and when it’s nico palermo playing on the show?

  2. Awesome, thanks BL (o:

  3. can someone tell me which song this is 2:37:42- nice one

  4. @ rockschoen
    the track is Lawrence – Along The Wire (Superpitcher Remix), heavy rotation by Sascha Funke since it came out

  5. @ krautergartner: ummm. well he says pretty clearly at the start nico is on for the first 90 minutes. so…

  6. Thank you Nico Palermo for an excellent set! May your future guests listen to it and keep these standards @ the betalounge.

  7. pure gems in there, any chance of a track ID at 03:08?
    thnks a lot fora great set again!

  8. Great set !! The track at app. 3:11:00 – what’s that? Thanks BL for all this great music

  9. great show!!!

  10. now thats a chuffin wicked set! thanks very much.

    Now…can anyone tell me what tune is at 2.00 ish??

    would love to know :o)

  11. I mean 2:00:00


  12. what an amazing set!!!!please tell me that somebody knows the track at 3:11:00…what a tune…

  13. 🙂 found it …almost
    it’s Gotye – Hearts a Mess ,don’t know the remix though … help please 🙂

  14. Great set Nico, does anyone know the track at around 1.35.00? very nice..

  15. @ lefty
    it’s martin buttrich “full clip” on planet e,
    thx for all the nice postings to everybody, nico palermo

  16. @ andreas

    it’s Gotye – Hearts A Mess (Supermayer Remix), the last track of sascha funke

  17. chillin….

    very very kind set! outstandin..

  18. good stuff.
    palermofunke switch is at 1:51:51, mehr oder weniger. hello betalounge from berkeley califas

  19. really cool set!
    does anyone know the track at 1:03:00 ?


  21. Nico Palermo (aka Desnieles) rules since 1999. Awsome stuff, someone knows about the track ID @ 1:12…Thanks


  22. @ jean brunn
    one of my favorite pieces: ron trent/ city beat on future vision (fv04), thx everybody again

  23. heart killer…:)

  24. Hello Betalounge, could you please re-activate this mix again, I’m missing it a lot since then new website version has been launched…

    Thanks for all

    Cheers from France


  25. Awesome, you’re very reactive , I’m listening it right now in the office….

    Thanks a lot..


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