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Willelos Druff!: Deine Villa, Blast SL, Soundball


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Deine Villa
Dirt! / Tanzhalle St Pauli


  1. Uh Ah! Yeah, I like it.

  2. schönschön.
    doch kann mir jemand artist und track von 2:00:00 bis ca. 2:05:00 sagen?

    und den danach auch?

    Shazam erkennt nix…


  3. total langweilig

  4. it’s a real shame the channels bugger up. nice music, through one speaker at times

  5. jiiiiiiiha männer…..sehr gut

    salto auf frankfurt

    grüsse in den äther …kai

  6. Hi there,
    anyone knows the track playing at 48″20 (the TB slowly yelling on a vicious groove). We’ve heard it in several of the last mixes online.

  7. 48″20: Groove Armada – The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Edit)
    Cheers, Olli “Soundball”

  8. Lovely show – why couldn’t you have played longer?!

    Hoping for some track IDs:

    Opening track – with vocal “far beyond”
    2 hr 22 min
    3 hr 0 min **
    3 hr 39 min

    Much love,


  9. opening track: kelley polar quartet – cosmological constancy

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