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Florian Keller, Jazzanova


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Florian Keller (Party-Keller / Munich)
Jazzanova (Sonar Kollektiv / Berlin)


  1. Wow Wow Wow!

    …tracklist please! 🙂

  2. A wonderful disco and disco-rap session from Florian!

  3. best 4 hours in a long time!

    Is there a possibilty of a complete tracklisting?

    P. Gonzalez

  4. Der Frühling klopft an die Tür… und hier kommt die richtige Musik dazu. Great Music!

  5. luv it… shake clap… very funky… shake clap… but… yes… shake clapclap… would like to have… shake clap… a tracklisting too… shake clap…


  6. sooooo genial!
    besonders dieser wahnsinnstrack ab 17:30.
    ist das wirklich agboju logun? habenmuss! 🙂

    freue mich schon auf die nächste party im atomic cafe….

  7. yeah,munich rocks as well…
    long time no see mit dem schönen atomic cafe und dem lieben florian…

    greetz from vienna

  8. Excellent mix. Anyone know what the “We have bitten off more than we can chew” song is? No luck finding it with a lyrics search. It starts @ 2:02:45. Thanks

  9. Lensolo, that track sounds like Psapp, although I’m not sure what it’s called.

  10. Here is a small playlist, which took me quite some time 🙂

    0:00 Fatback Band – Feel my Soul
    4:40 Doctor Love and Sister Love – Doctor Love & Sister Love Rap
    7:10 Johnson Products – Jumpin Sounds
    17:30 Shina Williams & His African Percussionists – Agboju Logun
    1:05:35 ??? WHAT A BEAUTY!!
    1:12:44 Firebolts – Everybody Party (Get down)
    1:16:10 Rufus – Circles (feat. Chaka Khan)
    1:23:10 Confidentials – Does He Really Love You
    1:25:49 ??? WHAT A BEAUTY!!
    1:28:34 Together – Cling to you
    1:55:30 Karin Krog – Meaning of Love
    2:09:10 2BO4 (Two Banks of Four) – Junkyard Gods (Ingrid Etos Laughter In The Dark mix)
    2:17:04 Jimi Tenor / Kabu Kabu – Global Party
    2:28:00 Lars Bartkuhn – Goodbye Dancing hello god
    2:36:47 Elizabeth Shepherd Trio – Beauty & The Beast
    2:54:30 Phlash & Friends – Look at what we’ve done (minefield also rocks!)
    3:17:00 Feisty – Feisty
    3:25:50 Woon – Robots

    Peace from Graz,

  11. wow, what an effort, greb, thanks a lot!!!
    here’s the playlist for hour 1:

    fatback – feel my soul (perception)
    dr love & sister love – dr love & sister love rap (heavently star)
    johnson products – johnson jumpin (sound of new york)
    woody wood – woody rap (sound of new york)
    african suite – pigmy (mca)
    shina Williams – agboju logun (
    t. j. swann – and you know that (express
    funk masters – love money (siamese)
    b. t. express – can’t stop groovin’ now (columbia)
    movin ()
    new birth – i can understand it (rca)
    16.. bab – world
    minks’ – philly cpopmuter flash dance (georgia peach)
    class a (new world)
    rose royce – is it love you’re after
    bird – mindwave
    colour climax – disque’o’heights (breakinbread)
    nufunk 45
    isley brothers – (t-neck)
    firebolts – everybody party (greenback)
    sun – (capitol)
    rufus – circles (wb)
    midnight movers inc – lost for words (buddah)
    confidentals – does he really love you (masterpiece)
    cling to you baby (aldrabella)
    darondo – didn’t i (music city)
    tom browne – midnight rendezvous (grp)
    phoenix – be happy (phoenix)

  12. Passt hier vielleicht nicht rein, aber ich möchte nur erwähnen, dass am 10. OKTOBER IN MÜNCHEN 15 jähriges Jubiläum von JCR (Jazzanova Compost Records) ist.

    Schaut euch mal auf der Webpage um, dort steht ein ausführliches Line-Up mit einer Creme de la Creme an Namen und ich hoffe, bzw. der Abend wird der Wahnsinn.

    Ich hoffe ich sehe einige von euch ,-)

    bonne nuit!

  13. Pt.1/2
    Hi Florian!
    Here’s an updated list with timecodes:

    0:00 Fatback Band – Feel my Soul (Perception)
    4:40 Doctor Love and Sister Love – Doctor Love & Sister Love Rap (Heavenly Star)
    7:10 Johnson Products – Jumpin Sounds (Sound of New York)
    10:45 Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew – Willie Rap (Sound of New York)
    13:43 African Suite – Pigmy (MCA)
    17:30 Shina Williams & His African Percussionists – Agboju Logun
    25:25 TJ Swann – And You Know That (Express)
    31:55 Bo Kool & Funk Masters – Money (No Love) (Siamese)
    38:13 New Birth – I can understand it (RCA)
    41:30 1619 B.A.B. – World
    46:00 Mink’s – Philly Electric Flash Dance (Georgia Peach Records)
    49:00 Class a … (new world)
    51:24 Mercury … ?
    54:28 Rose Royce – Is it love you’re after
    1:05:25 Color Climax – Disque O Heights (Breakinbread)
    1:08:46 The Isley Brothers – The Pride (T-Neck)
    1:12:44 Firebolts – Everybody Party (Get down)
    1:16:10 Rufus – Circles (feat. Chaka Khan)
    1:19:24 Midnight Movers Unltd – Lost For Words (Buddah)
    1:23:10 Confidentials – Does He Really Love You (Masterpiece)
    1:25:49 ??? WHAT A BEAUTY!! ( ? The Caprells – Walk on by ?)
    1:28:34 Together – Cling to you
    1:32:05 Darondo – Didn’t i
    1:33:30 “The key to love is understanding …” ( ? Majestics – Key to love (New World) ? )
    1:36:56 Tom Browne – Midnight Interlude (GRP)
    1:42:33 (? Give me something, give me silence …?)

    Thx and Peace from Graz,

  14. Pt. 2/2
    Hi Florian!

    Thank you very very much for the rest of the tracklist! 🙂 There are so many beautiful tracks which i have missed my whole life like Rose Royce, Confidentials (i had to buy this one instantly!), Color Climax, Firebolts, Tom Browne…!
    A few tracks are still missing, but could you please tell me the one after “Confidentials” at 1:25:49? This one is really amazing! And maybe the last two tracks…? 🙂 I was looking for them like crazy but came up with no results.

    Thanks again for sharing these treasures! 🙂

  15. Found two more tracks: 🙂
    51:24 Jazzy 4 MC’s – MC Rock (Razzberri Rainbow Records)
    1:39:22 Phoenix – Be Happy (Zanzibar)
    Bird – Mind Travels (instrumental)

    This set rocks and rocks and …

    Peace from Graz,

  16. Oh, forgot one timecode:

    58:58 Bird – Mind Travels (Instrumental)

  17. Hi Florian!

    Could you please peek in to 1:25:49 and give me some hints on this fantastic track? I was looking for it on the internet but i only found some information:
    “JIMMY HAMILTON & WHATT??? – WALKING IN A CROWD”. I digged deeper but did not found any more informations and unfortunatly no actual record…
    I would be happy to hear from you!

    Thanks alot! 🙂
    Peace from Graz,

  18. me again

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