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Matt Moroder & Phuong Dan


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Matt Moroder (Glossy Edits / Mikrodizko / HH)
Phuong Dan (Tanzschule Karacho / HH)


  1. like that first morning fart this set is refreshing different, enjoyed alot thanks beta

  2. Thanks for another great set!
    By the way, does anybody know the artist of the song playing from 1:08 to 1:12? “on the beach again”?

  3. Hi shaker,

    the track is Nick Nicely “On The Beach”

    All the best,


  4. Hi Dan,
    Nick Nicely seems to be a crazy artist playing extraordinary music. Thanks a lot for the hint!
    Hope to hear another set of you.
    Cheers, Shaker

  5. ohlala!
    whats that haning in the green grass easy tune
    starting at 1:44:40?

    ready for a picknick?!

  6. Hi purpleyellow its “seabird” from the same titled lp from Alessi. Have a good picknick!

    All the best,


  7. DAN!

  8. Incredible! more like this please BL….

    reminds me of the BL direction from a few years ago

    well done.

  9. everything i love… matt moroder is my new fave

  10. endlich einmal wieder f├╝ndig geworden, sooo erfrischend anders … merci

  11. @evicka, hi vielen dank!


  12. amazingly mental set!

    BL pushing boundaries of E-music again…


  13. Dan…I’ll prob never find out but what is that blissful chinese or Thai (godknows) tune at 1.24:20?
    Loved your tune selection, Thanks

  14. Ohh and the delightful hindu number @ 1:51:00 ‘come closer’ ­čÖé

  15. Hi Mendoza,

    im not thai, so its quiet difficult to give you the song information;-)

    The Hindu one is Bappi Lahiri┬┤s Come Closer…

    Thank you for the kind words!

    btw, did you check the mixes on lovefingers?


  16. I’m indebted to you Dan. Thanks a million for the, been busy working my way through that link, some graet stuff..Shazam lol

    Spread the love ­čÖé

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