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Jazzanova, Ill Dubio, Finn Johannsen


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JAZZANOVA (Sonar Kollektiv / Berlin)
ILL DUBIO (Soul Sociedad / Switzerland)


  1. hey! wonderful set again – does anybody know the intro – this rockin’ jazzy tune
    thx, greetz from austria

  2. Does anyone know the lovely soul tunes starting at 2:00 and 2:21???

  3. Love this set – who would’ve thought Jazzanova would be representing Lilly Allen?! Haha, ‘Madtunes’, the first track is Christian Prommer┬┤s DrumLesson ‘Can you feel it’, coming soon on Sonar Kollektiv.
    Betalounge, I salute you! Please never leave my life …

  4. very ,Good set boys
    peeep my new website
    nuff respect

  5. This mix is so sweet..

    Is there any playlist for this?
    I’d really want to know the song around 1:20.

  6. Love this mix-what is the song at 1:27–sooo good!
    Jazzanova rocks!

  7. wow, Dr. Buzzard – Sunshower … What a great tune! Thanks alot!
    GreB from Graz

  8. The server is back for most sets…but a few aren\’t. This one included.

  9. Everything works fine.

  10. Does anyone know from whom this great jazzy latin track is that starts at minute 17? So incredible uplifting and just simply wonderful!

    Anyone please…? ­čÖé

    Cheers from Graz,

  11. The track that starts at 1:20 is

    Nina & Chris – \”Agua\”

    Cheers from Graz,

  12. Here\’s a short list of tracks. Almost all of them were released on Sonar Kollektiv.

    13:35 Clara Hill\’s Folkways – Everything (feat. Marc Mac)
    23:42 Common – Drive me wild (feat. Lily Allen)
    30:25 The Black Seeds – Cool me down
    54:40 Yannick L – Gallieni
    60:54 Soulstance – Lead the way
    66:26 Soulphiction – Chevy Estate
    72:53 Solomun – Black Rose
    76:02 Dr. Buzzard and – Sunshower
    79:27 Nina & Chris – Agua
    86:05 Little Dragon – Scribbled Paper

    Interesting and still unidentified tracks:
    17:27: Wow, what a great jazzy latin track! I love it that J├╝rgen plays the whole track, which takes about 6 and a half minutes. So wonderful and incredibly uplifting. No text so it\’s much harder for me to id it. This remembers me on the great 21-track brasilian goodies set that J├╝rgen has played. There i had fantastic tracks, but there were a few problems: (brasilian)Portuguese language, so it was one step harder to get a few hints on the tracks just of listening to the text, While on the search, i found out, that the albums are quite rare and very very hard to find on the web and to peak in and listen to it. And there was the price of the records. (Right now i figured out 16 of 21 of the tracks. And everytime i id a new one, it\’s a great feeling :-))
    100:05 from the Ill Dubio Set. the voice is very familiar and it must be a famous jazz musician, but i hav\’nt figured it out who it is yet… ­čÖé

    Peace from Graz,

  13. 17:27 Cedar Walton – Latin America

    Uh yeah!!

    Peace from Graz,

  14. 1:22:40 Raffaela Renzulli Ensemble – Asking eyes (ELSA)
    Had to buy this pricy baby ^^

    Peace from Graz,

  15. 1:00:00 The Lyman Woodard Organization – Creative Musicians

    Super sweet track – thanks alot!!

    Peace from Graz,

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