This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Berger & Bathos


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  1. It’s taken a few years, but goddamn it’s good to have you guys back on the BetaLounge, I love your stuff. Come back sooner next time!!



  2. Hey Guys..super angenehmes Set war der sutscheste Abend seit langem…
    aber ihr seid doch nicht Karl & Erika!?! …kidding …greetos

  3. Nice set. Good to have Betalounge back.

  4. B&B. So nice. Your set was perfect, and it saved my day.

    Track ID @:

    43 min
    1 hr 23 min
    1 hr 35 min

    Come play again soon!


    // //

  5. Hello & thanks for the nice comments

    Track ID @:

    43 min > Oliver Hacke – Subject Carrier (J. Tejada Remix) – Trapez 54
    1 hr 23 min > Pigon – Dial 33 – B-side
    1 hr 35 min > Denis Karimani – Dial 22 – B2

    All the best,

  6. Wow!
    Das ist einfach nur super!
    Und dass dann auch noch Contriva gespielt wird…
    Ihr brecht mein Herz. THX

  7. 1 hr 15 min is reassuring someone out there is out there…

  8. WOW!!!
    Sooo coool to have the chance to hear you play…

    Hours of Bliss from your selection.

    cant wait for the next one.

  9. thanks for the tunes-made my night and made me happy–jessie

  10. Some pure gems in there!, what’s that long track exactly two hours in (2.00) absolutely tripping! really enjoying this mix, thanks guys..

  11. 1.15 – Franck Roger – mind illusions
    2.00 – The Field – The Deal

  12. This mix is really good, but he becomes really REALLY good from 2.00, i’d love to get the track listing from there for the next 10 tracks or so, till that Lali Puna track, really exellent stuff, been listening to it all night all day,just brilliant! Cheers for that! (bastienfrancoisdotcom)

  13. I CAN DIG it,
    great set ho,ie
    check put my new website
    it has my mixes on there and other Kool shit , to Peep out,

  14. great set

    check my new website
    peep it
    DR Tip-SEE

  15. compliments – nice set – but what a track at ~ 1:31 – what´s that? thanx

  16. hellooooooooooo

  17. Thanx a lot for your nice comments. All the best, Timo (aka DJ berger)

  18. Ace mix. Thanks.

    Would like to hear more from you two.

  19. @wagi
    that would be Aardvarck – Cult Copy Remixes 2/2 (Rush Hour Recordings)
    Till (Bathos)

  20. since a while now I cannot listen to a whole bunch of shows on betalounge exept the 2 last ones, any reason for that, anybody ex`perienced the same problems?? this ***kin realplayer is a pain in the bum! any othe rplayer available??


  21. really really good mix!
    anybody knows the name of the track around 01:10?!?!
    the one before franck roger – mind illusions.
    would be great…

  22. Servus Huber 1 oder doch 2 🙂
    ich verneige und bedanke mich!
    Schöner Gruß von Huber 1 oder 2 🙂

  23. Does anybody know the track at the beginning? around 1m 30? Thank you so much!

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