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Beta Lounge feat Diynamic Music Special with Solomun & Stimming (live)


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Diynamic Music

Stimming (live)


  1. silky beats!enjoy!

  2. The definitive Betalounge sound. Excellent set and performance. Many thanks. Track IDs @: 28 min 35 min 1 hr 14 min 1 hr 20 min ** 1 hr 40 min 2 hr 42 min 2 hr 48 min 3 hr 12 min 3 hr 48 min 4 hr 19 min (The last few were probably all from the live set) _S // //

  3. stevenkraft: 28 min: laid – punch up (instrumental), was released on nrk/defected/soul heaven not too long ago – so it should be available out there for a reasonable price… don’t know the rest though šŸ˜‰

  4. great set, good to see Betalounge back, we misse u….

  5. here are the names of the tracks: 35 min : solomun – second kiss in winter (diynamic010) 1hr14min : eve white – he said/she said (contentismissing 001) 1hr20min : dutch rhythm combo – bonaire (highscore) 2hr42min : matthias tanzmann – procon (moon harbour 029) 2hr48min : sven tasnadi – a run into flowers (liebedetail020) 3hr12min : kollektiv turmstrasse – eskapade (diynamic009) 3hr48min : stimming – liberaos (diynamic008) 4hr19min : stimming – eiszauber (diynamic006) cheers

  6. This session is absolute class, very tasteful. Thanks. Electroartist.

  7. great set…. does anyone know the track at 1h 42mins?

  8. nice beats great mellow mix peep my new website nuff repsect lite it up,

  9. Betalounge crew has to announce that this show partly suffers from bad audio-quality. We had several technical issues during this show, due to this probems we are not able to provide you our normal standard audio quality for this set. Solomun was fine with leaving it on the server So here it is… still. Shouts out to Dynamic Music Crew, keep listening to the betalounge. Every comment you guys post keeps us going. Cheers, nico palermo & the crew

  10. this is fantastic. the set is fantastic. solomun is doing a very nice job. deep, smooth delicate…. fantastic!

  11. the track at min 53 makes me cry. does anybody know what it is?

  12. hard to find the wright words to describe . im still crawlin. seems like i found a diamond unexpectedly it was nearly 10 hours of my day listening twice.THX it was so worthy :))


  14. thanks juchhu!

  15. hey, very good set overall, BUT EXXXELENT END of set, all those “stimming” tracks, samples of classics, really REALLY good, been listening to it in loop…

  16. ok, just pure dope this set, what’s the track at 3:42, with this chick singing in Spanish? Absolutely fantastic!

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