This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Todd Sines, Krew


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TODD SINES (New York / US)
KREW (Copenhagen / DK)


  1. Nice Beats….. tappety tap tap tap. DK

  2. Excellent mix KREW, you did it again. Really good selection and style of tracks;-)
    One of the best shows lately……

    Big up!!!!!!!! Copenhagen

  3. great grooves, got me movin

  4. Its ok but i’ve herd better

  5. heard better, eh? that’s a nice thing to say

  6. WOW! What is the track starting at about 2h 22m 18s???? Damn I love that sound.


  7. To Oval

    Thanks for the comment!

    The track you asking about are

    Lusine: Make It Easy (John Tejada Remix) Ghostly International


  8. Very nice, Dennis!

    Write when you have a chance!

    Jonathan via Canada

  9. good stuff – is this set available anywhere for download? thanks.

  10. Its movin well guys, nice one
    lets hope that tosser who’s heard better goes and listens to it?
    and stops posting neg on the forum!!

  11. this shit’s burnin’. thx todd!

  12. Another Track Request!!!

    the track at 3:26:00 (give or take a few seconds)


    as always i will buy or trade for this track… I can exchange some of my own tracks as well


  13. finalmente alguma coisa agradável !!!
    espero que continuem a passas coisas destas 😉

  14. Mr. Sines and Krew;

    Thank you once again for a wonderful set, and well done. Want you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  15. shodgson1:

    track playing around 3:36 is Maurizio – M7


  16. oh: 3.26 not 3:36… sorry, i don’t know this one :\

  17. Thanks for all the comments, it´s really appreciated:-)

    Track at 3:26 are Sascha Funke: Where is my tent 12″ (Bpitch Control)



  18. hi – really nice set – whats that track at 1:03 // 2:34.. ? you have a playlist?
    thx wagi

  19. you make work fun….cheers…NYC

  20. need help ladies and gentlemen…….
    what´s that track at 1h:06 ??????

    please community…help me. im going crazy

    thanx anyway

  21. the track at 1:06 is Âmé’s Engoli

    glad you liked it!


  22. track at 1:03 is Motorcitysoul “Aura” [Jimpster rmx]

    sorry for just reading these comments now


  23. Georgeous! Just noshing a salad, checking mails and all of a sudden my home office day turned into a massive event. Rockin the sounds!

    Thx for making a change to my day!



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