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DJ’s Tracht & Prügel, DJ Urbs


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DJ’s TRACHT & PRUEGEL (Jeans Team/ Galerie Berlin Tokyo)

DJ URBS (Vienna)


  1. Good to have Beta Lounge back after the very long……….. summer break. Nice mix.

    Some class old hip hop tunes in the latter half.

    Good chunky stuff.

  2. We’ve missed you betalounge.
    Love the tribute to… who was that again?
    love the hip hop bit at the end…
    cheeers !

  3. Hear, hear, a very warm welcome back to the BetaLounge crew. We’re coming into the warmer weather down here in Australia, and it’s great to have new tunes to go with the summer vibe. Keep up the fantastic work!


  4. Some really brilliant moments in this mix, thanks.


  5. Anybody know what the track is that starts at 1:32:00?

  6. Really diggin’ this set. Does anybody know the name of the track that they play at around 1:27? Male vocalist.

    “We gonna do right…”

  7. Once again, need another track ID… the track at 19:00 (the funky little bass line!!!!)

    Please help

    thanks Sean

    Detroit, MI

  8. hello betalounge
    why don’t you have rss?
    compatible with netvibes for example

  9. yeah, that would be nice: rss feed support for the latest shows!

    ich bin dafür! 😉

  10. Good stuff, it goes easy. Nice selection.
    Claudio |

  11. yyyyyyyyyes… so good to see you again BL…

    it was a long and painful wait…..

    and what a comeback it is!!!

    such 3 distinctive styles – such a consistent quality…

    thanx again for making my life groovier!

  12. and i’m too all for the rss idea

  13. wunderbar… ein schmucker elektrischer erster teil, abgelöst von einer herzigen souleinlage (wer is das noch?) und grandios abgerundet mit einer reihe funkelnder hiphop-perlen. Dankeschön! Macht Laune.

    und noch eine Frage an die hiesigen Könner und Kenner: Was ist das für ein geiler Track an 3:37 “Clap your Hands”?

  14. aaah, the track at 55 minutes! anybody who knows?

  15. Ahh, Betalounge is back in full effect. Nice one, boys.

    Looking for track ID on any of the following:

    Opening set:
    4 min 30
    34 min
    54 min
    1 hr 0 min

    Final Set:
    3 hr 18 min

    Thank you for the beautiful sounds.


    // //

  16. Some nice tracks, a techy good time. some of the mixes a little sketch at beginning though..

    hey shodgson1 ,

    the track that starts mid min 19 is a version(dont think it is the original mix) of Body Language by Booka shade. such a dope one.

  17. Much appreciated for the track ID wcmurphy1

  18. HEY wcmurphy1 That track ID you gave me was for the track right after the one i requested, which is good and i did but it off beatport, But i need the track ID of the one right before it if possible.

    Track Starts around 16:45 and continues till around 19:40 (the track has the sound of a needle scratching across the record at the beginning then goes into a little breakdown with a killer bass line)

    ID HELP!!!!

    cheers to all…

  19. AWSOME ,mix
    reminds me of early 90 house ,nyc style,
    or CHICAGO,
    great set
    sit back relax and let your self gO,
    new website peep it,

  20. Danke für das blaue Auge!

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