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Hong Kong Recordings


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Block Barley


  1. Bad to the bone.

  2. OOOOOhhhhhh yeH baby, go you sexy thing….DK

  3. heeell yea, nice set! love how themes are strung together!! nice taste. danke.

  4. sheesh, nowadays you sure can’t sample with the needle anymore!
    pretty diverse mix, I want to love it but some of those track are so nauseating (its personal tho) I can’t even laugh about it.

  5. YEAH!!!!! verry nice tracklist… cool that u added that “ton steine scherben” track – real great shit…..greetz -rich-

  6. how to do to listen this one ?

  7. sorry, haven’t seen the link on the left ….

  8. soothing man…very soothing 😉

  9. Aint heard alot of these hiphop tracks in a long time, minute 48 through 120, smooooth. Grand Puba, Geeyah.

  10. Fuckin’ tight.

  11. Just the sound for a saturday morning in the office! Nice one! big up! cheers chris

  12. All I need is the tracklisting for the trippy stuff. This is fucking awesome mind bending stuff.

  13. I just worked for 8 hours straight and i don’t wanna get up from my chair and go to bed. it’s a shame that i have to turn this off now. wish i had more work, shyyyt its that good.

  14. Schönes Ding. Megaprops für “Ich will nicht werden was mein Alter ist”!

  15. Tracklisten wären dope …

  16. Ill mix, great selection homies!! – DumpLeRoc|The legendary Blunt Club

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