This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Pigon (Efdemin & rndm)


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  1. yo knaller & phil keep rocking! immer wieder fein was von euch zu hören, tut echt gut
    respekt & greets specki h. aka speckz

  2. As usual great mix from Pigon thanks guys !!!
    What’s the amazing first track ?

  3. just firing it up now. excited. efdemin has been in great form recently…

  4. no surprises here – another dope set from the masters duo.

    thanks so much guys, you make it all so much easier!

  5. always quality uplifting sets ..why???because it comes from hamburg THATS WHY 🙂

    btw the first tune is awesome!!!!

    greetz aud london.

  6. What is the tune emerging at 1:45:30?


  7. cheers cheers and more cheers!!! THE SET F’ing ROCKS!

  8. I listened almost the 2 hours there is only one track yes only one which is kinda Rhythm Is Rhythm track besides that there’s full of quality trax. You guys (lawrence, carsten jost, turner etc..) really know which records you should own.

  9. hi heltslut:
    track at 1:45 is DJINXX- Black (f…U! FCOM! FU228), 2005

  10. wow @ first track, anyone know what it is?

  11. Another delicious mix with soul,amazing!
    Thumbs UP!!!!

    to the guys who aksed for the first track:

    Claro Intelecto – Nobody

  12. Deep tech house baby! Lovin it large! Super size! Sweet!

    Any ideas for track at 55mins?

  13. track@55 is ricardo villalobos- heike(mood mix) on lofi

  14. very very dope set!!!someone got a tracklist?

    greetz & respect from holland

  15. this is the real mccoy, good, and appropiate for a good time

  16. Great set, Killer tracks what more is there to say apart from:


  17. bayer im uefa cup – dudei dudei
    bayer im uefa cup – dudei dudei


    ah jo des set isch oh ganz cool.. grüsse an kontar und philip from another world.. seris, karol

  18. Great set.
    Especially love the track at 42:10 thru 48:15?
    Have you got the name of this track list please.

    Excellent, will check out more.

    Thanks, Paul.

  19. hi paul,

    the track your looking for is john daly – sky dive (plak fourteen)
    we will post a complete tracklist but this will take a while!!!

    cheers Oliver

  20. Wicked wicked mix. Any idea what the hypnotic little number 14 mins is? Or the one that follows it at about 17 mins? Lovin this…

  21. hi rndm!

    your pullover looks like the one my grandpa has.. haha

    A very fine set you too played here!

    grazie tante e salute –

  22. ..and of course ‘both’ of you did –
    which actually means “you” and “you” too..!

  23. Good selection, but the mixing!!!! hang your head in shame, you must have been spangled?
    Efdemin – I’m loving your productions, you’re on it at the moment.

  24. yeaaaa……i love this hypnotic….minimal…deeppp sound……super set…..

  25. huara geiiiles set *g*

    was net wie i euch erreicha söll ^^

  26. aber echt he – lernts amal mixin

  27. welcher track läuft da ab 1h 30min? unglaublich!!!

  28. hi guys really cool set.Does anyone knows the track between 1:21 -1:25 really amazing minimal stuff.i really want to know it.thanks

  29. really amazing set…can i have the track id between 1:21:04-1:24:55


    keep on playing :):)cool

  30. smallville 003 – laps – jolie e.p……

  31. Excellent set. This is exactly what I need in the background while working at my desk or chilling in the yard. More of this!!!!!


  33. Thank you. Really, thank you so much. I needed this set like a dose of some serious medicine. You have put my soul at ease.

    Much love,


    // //

  34. Anyone have track ID at:

    2 hr 34 min
    2 hr 40 min



    // //

  35. ey, nice stuff. Of course.

    Yikes! What is the first track!?

    A tracklist for this would be sweet…

  36. @asifindit
    first track: claro intelecto- nobody

  37. thanks caramelo!

  38. thanks gapsgus.

  39. Hi, anyone has track ID between : 0.32.20 – 0.37.03 ?

    Beautifull set. Waiting for some more… and for the full tracklisting too…
    Thank u dj’s. thanks betalounge team.

  40. ok this mix does it again for me… superb selection really! especially from 1h30min on…
    So if anyone could provide me track ids for:

    *1h30min – 1h34min
    *1h39min – 1h44min
    *1h44min – 1h50min

    thanks in advance!!! 🙂

  41. this thing really needs an edit function… 😉
    caramelo already revealed the last track i was asking for (1:45 – DJINXX- Black)
    But if anyone could help me with those other two tracks please do it! 🙂

    cheers ps

  42. hi!

    thank you for the set, it’s really-really sweeeeeeeet.

    i recognized some more tracks, if some of you need them 🙂

    @1:42 perbec – shakergun
    @2:05 in sync – storm
    @2:19 luciano – saulitude
    @2:27 tobias – dial
    @2:31 manoo – kodjo
    @2:35 dj dennis – i love to watch u dance (dj buck remix)

    what’s up with the tracklist, rndm? :))))

    merry xmas to everyone!

  43. Thank You klayman!

    1h30min anyone?

    cheers ps

  44. ahh another good one is:

    does anyone know it?

    Help is at always highly apreciated

  45. smooth like silk, very enjoyable…

  46. schicke musi und reizende mädels. was für die ohren und fürs auge 🙂

    liebe für die betalounge

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