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  1. what is this sick, SICK track with the vocals around 58:12???

  2. the track starting around 58 min is:

    Larry Heard presents: Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare

  3. Cool !!!

  4. Love the minimal house sound. Anyone know the track that starts off the set?

  5. wunderbar

  6. thank you for reminding me and my friends bout the minmal love that we thrived on! please remind me of track @ 1hr….you are…?? sorry had a brain explosion. peace and thanks for the stimulating tunes. beta lounge continues to rein supreme! solid set here thats for sure. LuV OZ!

  7. huh, great set btw.

    does anyone know the track with these beautiful strings dropping in @1hr 35min ? The track before that rhythm & sound remix????


    @Monkey: Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare

  8. please the track at min 8!!!

  9. track at min. 8: trickski- “powerhorse” (member of the trick)

  10. min 31: chromatics-in the city

  11. Whats the tune after mr white. around 1:06 ?

  12. Hi!
    the track after “the sun…” is Sasse: Gravity (Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield Remix)
    thx for the nice words!

  13. that is fukin awesom… is it possible 2 get it 4 download and tracklisting plz..

  14. very eclectic grooves,deep tech house ,are these guys German ?..really digging a lot of these German Dj sets on the Beta lounge from Hamburg to Berlin etc..a lot of inspiring new tunes to my ears…..rockin…

  15. nice trickski-

  16. i saw them in sydney last saturday night … i coudn’t leave the dancefloor!

  17. 1:26 Anyone?
    Lovely set.

  18. thanx to trickski for the best night melbourne has had is way too long.
    keep it deep or hit the street

  19. great set! anyone knows the track around 53-56 minutes.
    this set makes the life in the office easier. 😉 thanks.

  20. Does anyone know what the name of the the track at 01:11 is?
    Its the one with the crazy vocal “Deep, Deep where the sun don’t shine”

  21. deep, where the sun dont shine is a track called “underground is my home” by dennis ferrer…
    thanks for your kind words here!

  22. wicked at about 32:20

  23. Dear all,

    has there ever been a indecent artist at bl?!
    I most definitely don’t thing so…
    This one isn’t intended to downgrade yours Trickski, but to thank all mates playing some non ordinary tunes….
    I too love your set(s), specially the seconed one…

    Greets to you and the beta lounge team…


    HH is the best place in ‘Deutsche Lande’ , keep on playing this selected tunes, we across the boarder really appreciate it…

  24. This set is is just slamminn Deep ang melodic
    Trickski are one of my fav producers this moment,
    Sonar kollective alwyas on point 🙂

    Could somebody tell me what track it is on 16 min !!
    it blew my mind ,so deep and melodic sounds strings i got goosebumps
    sounds a lot like Carl Graig ????

    Thanks alot Andri Már / Reykjavík city / Iceland

  25. hej to rejkjavik!

    the track around min 16 is yannick l (one half of trickski) with his track gallieni out on “member of the trick 05 – le coq sportif” I still love it too! deep and slow also featured in a short version on our compilation called “members of the trick”.



  26. one of my favorite shows.
    thanks betalounge

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