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  1. Danke für das schöne Set!!!

  2. Outstanding!

    I’ve been working on my taxes all day, and this has had me groovin the whole time.

    Anyone know the track name at 2:47:10?

  3. @chris

    congratulations man!
    you catched the hottest record out from more then 4 hours music!

    it’s the absolut newest piece from mastermind mathew jonson

    Cobblestone Jazz – Dump Truck – Wagon Repair 14

  4. Tremendous set guys! Spacey, electronic, smooth.. I yearn for more sets like this on betalounge!

  5. ja, prima set zum arbeiten.

  6. Thanks!

    There are many great records in this set. Ihave a bunch of them in my collection, but that one stopped me in my tracks. I’ll have to track it down as it’s only out on promo from what I can tell.

    it would be a nice thing to have the tracklist for those unknowns… 😉

  7. Thanks, guys, for a smooth set of gedankilicious musical virtue. ziemlich tasty!

  8. Hairy 1 be all hung ovah…much much rum, coke, spliff, wailin’ and moanin’ all night long, ya know…
    Dis is jest da ting fo mah achin’ haid! Ein-wut? I be dozin’ and noddin’ now… Mein wecker est kaput!

  9. mikerism be in full effect… much fingerbuns, sausages, lubricant and edible flowers… its just what i needed after sitting stareing at my walls for 4 hours or so… oh einmusik, ein feeling gut danke… slow and steady wines the race… insert, breathe in, insert, breathe in.. you know how it goes.. the downtempo chill stuff can do that to you

  10. great set.

    anybody know that track at 3:50?

  11. listening to the musik is lovely. melodic and adventurous, capatavating the thought.

    sexual in nature and cuddly at heart…

    cool groove my brother

    look forward to work with you guys in the future 🙂



  12. anyone know the email address of these guys?

  13. please come to LA! reminds me of a charles webster set at the buzzin fly sunset rooftop party iat WMC 2004. very smooth. beginning of the set takes me back to the chill out room days of early 90’s raves.
    really feelin the piano at 2:32:00 right now tho.

  14. Track ID please…. the track being played at 1:30:00, If anyone one could help me out on what the name is would be great!!!


  15. I think the track playing at 1:30 is carl craig, but I am not 100% sure.

  16. awesome music…guy’s! Thanks for that! I would like to know the track starts at 00:12:20 with the slow an melancholic ‘patrice like…’ vocal.. ‘should i believe the girl…’ does anybody know this track?

  17. Hello very nice set first. Track at 1:30 is Roy Ayers > Tarzan – Âme Remix.
    Keep on Einmusik.

  18. Very nice set. Smooth and chill. Thanks to the for keeping it going.

  19. @chris

    you can mail me under

  20. thanks for the track Id help

  21. Great music! What’s the name of the song at 4:22:00?

  22. Sexy set! 😀

  23. 1.30 in and it just gets better…….perfect backdrop for scouring e bay for vintage hacienda poster for my bathroom…talking a which anyone got one for sale???

    N London Spring. x

  24. gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww (wipes drool off chin)

  25. delicious!!!

  26. wonderful set – really 🙂

    the track starting at 47 min. is blowing my mind. Can anyone help with the track id??? awww i really love that one!

    cheers ps

  27. Awesome Set! I could kick myself for missing their Gig in Wiesbaden! ;-(
    Does anybody know the name of the tracks at 00:55?

  28. Putain les gars!
    Vous y etes aller fort! Quel set de tueur vous nous avez fait la! Mortel!
    I`ve bein writting my stories with your mind`s sound trsck all day and it just flew out of my fingers like a diareah crisis, fluid, stedy and releiving… Danke!

  29. Awesome Set,i´m floating to the sound.a lot of magic moments are in it…

    a playlist would make me happy!

    greetings from berlin to hamburg

  30. nice. nice. nice. perfect betaloungeness.

  31. guys this is a magnificent set give it up for einmusik.
    never heard anything like this before. maybe i should stop complaining and shut the fuck up.

  32. can anybody identify this fantastic track that starts at 01:00:00 and the track before.


  33. I don’t know what is the fanstatic track at 1:00:00 but it is massive.

  34. Totally smoothy uplifting sounds driven from the elegance duo Einmusik.
    Click 4ever can`t wait for the opening party which i don`t know when it will be…
    Viele Danke

  35. Sweet…

  36. Goooood stuff!

  37. Vorsprung durch einmusik!

    Am working on a bank holiday but it’s so much more bearable working while einmusik glides away in the background.

    Completely, totally, no doubt, it’s manna from heaven.

  38. Takk fyrir:Uberkern

  39. Does anyone know what the track at around 20 minutes is? Then the one immediately following? Or how about the whole dang playlist?!

    Cheers to this – brilliant set!

    jonathan, canada.

  40. v good ……..calm yet ‘exciting’!

  41. hi,
    what’s the track at 01:57:50 that is a bad track!!!

  42. DÉ vetste set!


    keep ‘m coming!

  43. god damn… i don’t know… am i still dreamin’ or am i awake???actually i just know, that these deep sounds kick me deeper into my couch…

    good job mates!!!

  44. Fantastic set! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been listening to this set for 2 months straight and I still love it. I would give my left nut for a setlist. Keep it up, guys! Ryan

  45. Hi all,

    anyone knows what is it the track at 42,20 min. ?
    Great set mates !!!


  46. very nice music, but the mixing style is not so good. i like all this music

  47. einmusik – damn sons. you’ve got me through some tough times in syria. first in damascus (which is a wonderful city) when bombs were being dropped on beiruit (guess they still are) and now in aleppo, syria where it’s a bit conservative and smiles have been few in between stares. listened to your set picturing myself dancing the night away with my friends in s.f. – people looking at me crazy cause i’m dancing in my chair with my eyes closed. much love. i’m sure i’ll be listening again as i go trough the world.

  48. let me correct my comment below this is very very very good 🙂 …02:12min is a killer-track

  49. i continue to listen to this over and over again!!!! this is so right!!!

  50. really luv this mixxxxx
    can ease anything!!!

  51. Killer tracks at 1:00:00 & old faashion one at 2:16:00, amazing it’s a pleasure to listen it again.
    Well done Einmusik.

  52. sorry at 2:20:00

  53. I’ve joined in on abit late so hope I’m not too late… someon previously mentioned they would give their right nut for a the set list,well I would too to find out what the track playing at 2:03 into the mix, indeed a killer track!

  54. tracklist please 8)

  55. such a nice set! anyone know the track at 1hr?

  56. robak:

    The track you are looking for at 1:57 is from Sebo K (feat Prosumer) – Moved (original)…….


  57. WOW… ich verfolge Betalounge seit über 10 Jahren und es tut mir immer wieder so gut hier rein zu hören… Dieses Set gibt mir richtig Kraft! Vielen Dank Betalounge, vielen Dank Einmusik


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