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Marcel Vogel


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  1. Nice mix – funky – oldskool – disco – lässig:-) playlist?

  2. great selection as ever Marcel……

  3. cheers, playlist wird noch ne sekunde dauern, vielleicht häppchenweise? hab doch die ein oder andere schallplatte gespielt…

  4. delicious – betalounge please record more like this set. let bloom out our heads of melodical notes.
    Kurwa – chlopaki dzieki za wieczór kawalerski! Kalafior pierwszego sortu Panie Marianie!
    O sofii nic nie powiem, bo żal – palców w pipie!

  5. Volle Lotte, Marcello! Sehr schön…

  6. Hi, nice mix, pleases does anyone knows the track at 4’10’00”

    great great track -do you know where i can get some” 8)

  7. Until I can provide you guys with a full playlist I´ll watch over you. It´s “do you have any” by Le Pamplemousse…. good luck finding it…
    Cheers for your kind words so far. Many thanks to the Betalounge Crew just for hanging out and enjoying the world!!!

  8. first time i heard this name, really awesome, i thought i had a good collection of records but now i know that something’s missing. Really sound’s like headhunters & Herbie with the breckers bros made something together. Once again bravo & thanx

  9. It´s a Rinder&Lewis project.

  10. OK guys, the first two hours, three more to follow:

    1.Lizz Fields – I gotta go
    2.Infusion – Princess
    3.Sa Ra Creative Partners
    4.The B.B.Q Band – Hard to get around (Capitol)
    5.Terry Gonzales – Treat yourself to my love (Beckett)
    6.Crown Heights Affair – Rock the World (De-Light)
    7. ? Watch yourself
    8.Movin On
    9.Joy – I need your love
    10.Fonda Rae – Heboah ( Ritz )
    11.K.I.D. – do you like my muzik (SAM)
    12.Is it good to you?
    13.Roger Troutman – Do it roger (Capitol)
    14.Theo,Moody – Three Chairs
    15.D-Train – Keep On ( Prelude )
    16.O´jays- put your heads together (Bootleg)
    17.Convertion – I can´t stop dancing
    2. hour
    18.Imagination – I just cant do without you
    19.Kerri Chandler – I found you
    21.Thompson & Lenoir – Can´t stop the house
    22.Mario Reyes – Whatever turns you on
    23.Romanthony – Testify (Blackmale)
    24.Reggie Hall – Gonna Take You High (Urgent)
    25.Rick James (Motown)
    26.C-Sharp – Give me your love
    27.Colours – I wanna know
    28.Crown Heights Affair – Somebody tell me what to do
    29.The JB s – Blow your whistle
    30.? – Mr Funk Man
    31.Bernard Wright – The master rocker
    32.Shoogie Wanna Boogie – Gotta Be where you are
    33.Peoples Choice –

  11. Dear Macel,

    I wanna feel the music im listenting to, not feel like im in an elevator, your first 2 seconds where eaRTH shattering but you lost me after that. Have ever thought about becoming a butcher, because thats what you’ve done to this website.

    Keep up the good work marcel.

    Pringles @ betalounge

  12. Hey Pringles. I m not quite feeling you. What exactly are you referring to? Selection, bad mixes or sth else? 2 seconds are not that long in the mix so please let me know what hurt your tastes… peace.

  13. hey marcel – nice set…i’d be in an elevator any day with your music.

    >hey “pringles” – you’re weird.

  14. i’m only 2 minutes into this set and already in heaven…

  15. take me on a journey homeboy!

  16. Dear Pinko,

    I really dont appreicate you labelling me as weird, lets keep the insults to a minium, everybody is intitled to an opinion, it obvious that your musical palette is limited and thats not my fault. where others see the colors of the rainbow you just see shit brown. Go outside and smell the fresh air and stop hanging out in elevators masturbating over boring mixes you wierdo, maybe you should fix elevators for a living.

    Peace and Respect

    Pringles comin at ya weirdo, once you pop you cant stop weirdo

  17. Hey Pringles. You definitly are weird. Sorry but you are really loosing it here.
    If talking about respect and peace live it instead of using it as a phrase. Don´t express your anger via message boards. I do understand if anybody is upset by the untight mixing style, sorry for not being on point there for a minute, musicwise I´ll put you in a box anytime. Mind you judging it after two seconds of Lizz Fields?! You must be crazy. And if you don´t like it, cool, but don´t fight people who point out that the way of expressing yourself might not be entirely appropiate and understandable, shithead.
    Now let´s smoke the peacepipe our shut up!

    Yours truely,


  18. music travels in the air we breathe, or peace-smoke,

    you got it marcel,

    todays air is excellent, for both breathing and listening.

    ps. other people use it for flying over the cuckoo`s nest.

  19. Hey Chausse, look at this profile image. that´s exactly the record you should be looking for.

  20. The vynil cover is great, I love it, as the trax, I’ll move mountain to find it, but really not easy…..I just found Le spank on the net, but not good as the “do you have any”.Thanx

    And if I may Pringles, if you are claustrophobic, take the stairs……….to elevate yourself.

  21. Hi Marci, da bin ich ja platt, dich hier zu hören!
    Vermisse deinen Soundteppich in unserer Wohnung,
    das hier lässt die Erinnerungen wieder wach werden.
    sehr schön. umarm dich

  22. Dear Treep,

    Jam it……what pipe are you actually smoking………maybe your own.

  23. Hear hear Marcel….pringle back in your box! I don’t know what people’s obsession with tight technical mixes is….ultimately, if you are a discerning music listener surely the most important thing by far and away is the quality of the tunes and the selection of tracks.

    This is a quality set, and a fantastic selection of funk, soul, and rare-groove nuggets….

    Thank you Marcel!

  24. here is the rest. thanks for waiting it out.

    the third hour
    34.Afro Centric Rhythms – Larry Levan
    35. Rare Essence – Disco Fever
    36. Number of Names – Sharevari
    37. Jtaravhonty – Deception (Club mix)
    38. … – some electro stuff
    39. chocolate – that easy street beat
    40. take three- tonights the night for love
    41. … – It´s you thats happening
    42. master cuts – I gonna get ya
    43. taboo rec – oh la la
    44. mynk – get up and dance
    45. patrick adams – can you feel it
    46. dwele – dance with me
    47. Erro + Bahamadia – Someone like you
    48. Daniel Wang – Claire de lune
    49. Claudja Berry – Love for the sake of love
    50 . Claudja Berry – Up all night
    51. No Parking – Make my move
    52. Will Powers – Adventures in Success
    53. Sa Ra – Ladies sing

    fourth hour
    54. Stevie Wonder – That Girl
    55. Slum Village – What´s it all about?
    56. new birth – I never felt this love before
    57. war –
    58. booty people – anyway i am busted
    59. scarlett fever – scarlett fever
    61. diese geile gelb orange disco platte in meinem regal
    62, so ne nummer von heikos cd wegen langeweile
    63. this partiy´s jam packed
    64. oxygene – party lets party
    65. atmosphere – dancing in outer space
    66. lamont dozier – going back to my roots
    67. aaron neville – yellow moon
    68. ohio players – sleep talk
    69. the english beat – too nice to talk to
    70. hudson people – trip to your mind

    fifth hour
    71. Jose Feliciano – Light my fire
    72. Le Pamplemousse – Do you have any?
    73. Sylvester – I need somebody to love tonight
    74. Frank n Dank – Bounce ?
    75. Frank n Dank – Ma Dukes
    76. Made in Usa – Move ya body
    77. gap band – outstanding
    78. silver convention – fly robin fly
    79. fatback band – charley says
    80. graingers – shine your light
    81.Pure Energy – Too Hot
    82. Pagan Bruni – Lovers
    83. chemise – she cant love ya
    84. kathy diamond – all woman
    85. on my own
    86. rene and angela – secret rendezvous
    87. chanson – did you ever
    88. james brown – public enemy no.1
    89. brian eno – by the rivers

  25. btw thank you adam…

  26. Only pure and nice soul can provide us with such a deep sound. As a dj you really have to dig deep to combine this.

    Thnx for playlist, thx for the sound, bless you!

  27. i can’t think of a better way of spending 5 hours.
    such a pleasing selection.

  28. Hi Marcel,

    it’ a “great gig in the sky” – geile Mucke

  29. thanks for the love everyone. you are more than welcome to contact me at myspace. hope to come back to hamburg soon.

    meanwhile catch me at battle chicago disco style 🙂



  30. this set is full….missing anything? dont think so!…full flashback! from the Soul to the Darkest set!
    groove line at the betalounge , or just pure hamburger!?,
    Pringles is weird….

  31. if you lide this set finn johannsen and me will bang the betalounge again on april 19th 2008… see you there…

    cheers marcel

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