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Beta Lounge feat Pantha du Prince (live)


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Pantha du Prince

Dial Records


  1. every thing this guy dose is amazing ‘the bliss’ is just that …bliss .. RAD set i extreammmlllly enjoyed this as well as the other live set’s that are on hear shame i wont be able to make it to mutek to kath this live ūüôā

  2. deep grooving set…exactly what u expect from a dial artist…love it..track @ 1:33 is amazing this track really sets the tone…. dubprocess love from L.A.

  3. von anfang bis ende einfach nur N I C E !!!

  4. unglaublich gut, man bräuchte mehr Menschen mit solchem Musikverständnis! Eine Playlist wäre gleichwohl zauberhaft, wie grauenvoll vielen Dank

  5. Looking forward to listing to his groove @MUTEK2007!

  6. woooooow… amazing. does anybody know the track @ 02.25h greetz fabi

  7. Is the intro (wind orchestra up to 22′) by Steve Reich? if so what is it? other than that absolutly superbe set again, some pure gems in there, well done Mista’ Du Prince…

  8. Very nice music.!!!! BTFL!!!!!! Any ideas for track at 01:16 min??? TNX


  10. 1:16 is portable – don’t give up (bodycode remix)

  11. awe-some-o // keep it down & draggin’!

  12. anyone knows the track at 02:23? .. bit old schooly..

  13. do anybody know track 1:39 ?? ….phatt

  14. the best of the dial dudes awesome just as all of his records!

  15. I’m getting pimples when hearing the track beginning after aprox. 22 min… my god… Does anyone know the title of it? I love it…

  16. do you do weddings?

  17. Yes.

  18. DEAD what’s the deal, another dead link?

  19. So f**ckin happy to see this mix back online, was dtying to listen to it again, just really superb, won\’t miss you next time in Berlin Mista Du Prince

  20. So fuc*ing happy too ! It seems we are a lot of french here?

  21. hi .. i also need help about a track. can anybody tell me the name of the track starting at min 45? thanks a lot.

  22. oh mein gott! so wundervolle musik!

  23. …thanks a lot!!! a superb set. good for work. puts me a in a nice and creative mood. ūüôā and peace. —

  24. Hour/minute 2:30 and what goes on, but without the rest it dosent make sense, no time motherfucking broders,

  25. Never stop to listen to this track… at night while working hard on unfinished, postponed work.. it really gives speed and motivation.

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