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  1. I start to dislike this egotistical sort of house, where the singers only boost their own ego,
    and then moan when they don’t get the love and flattery they wanted.
    Seems so childish to me only to define oneself on superficial outer values.


  3. cool tracks and another sweet reminder of tracks gone by – especially productions by infamous artists like moodyman etc. hey track at 1.23ish is it common factor?? excuse me for my ignorance just a guess really. thanks man and thanks beta.. on with the show! peace

  4. does anybody know the name of the incredible track around 16:00 min.
    “…say……you love me…..” can’t get enough of it!
    thumbs up, snow!

  5. track at 1:07:00 anyone?

  6. Nice selection by the way.
    Great tracks.
    can you help me with the track round 0:57. I believe its a remix of a track i ve heard on the X-mix one, so maybe mfs, but i m not sure.

  7. And the one right after that. Lovely piano. Does anyone know?

  8. Great set! good to have some quality house on betalounge with plenty of piano…

    for the newest Tees and videos.

    DR Tipsy said So,,
    yes really nice mix ..

  10. Sorry to post this question in the comments section, but is anyone else having trouble accessing betalounge or this delicious set? I’m going into withdrawl.


  11. Really nice set of chosen vinyls. Nice, nice, nice…

    Greets from Slovenia, world!

  12. Whatever happened to house music…ahh… it’s still with us. Quality.

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