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Tobias Schmid (&nd/hamburg)
Niko Tzoukmanis (playmate/frankfurt)


  1. ..nice session!…just hypnotized my cortex.. 🙂 all the best!

  2. I love your show. What is the name of the last track on your mix, “Temptation?” Who sings that?

  3. excellent show Audision love the deepness

    cheers Fin

  4. anyone got a track ID for 1hr46? wicked

  5. Freakin’ brilliant. I love the buildup from the ridiculously chill to the tight house beats. So unique.

  6. I’d kill to know the tune that kicks in around 3:38/3:39ish…if anyone knows it?

  7. I didn’t see a response to POINX’s question; but, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a remix of truly old-school Heaven 17 (circa Mid-80s early electronic/dance). Nice set.

  8. anyone know how to downnload this to an ipod/mp3player?

  9. yea, if the betalounge would allow downloads of the mixes, well, my life would be complete

    cheers Fin

  10. It is possible to download the file, convert it to mp3 and play it on an mp3 player. BUT
    it requires illegal software and will result in a poor audio quality because an already lossy audiofile would be compressed into another lossy file.
    Just drop it, and enjoy the free wonderful music on betalounge.
    A great soundcard and a kickass sterosystem + betalounge = great music for free. GOtta love that 😀

  11. again betalounge, you provide the best, dopest beatz, tunes, artists, beatalounges has been there for along time and is a part of my life as well as most of the headz out there, thanxz betalounge

  12. great mix, reminds me so much of Henry and Harre in tempo and feeling. Great mix.

  13. Absolutely shocking mix. A clear gold medal !!!!!. I’m based in Japan and involved in some promotion work in Tokyo. If you’re interested in coming here to perform like this please get in touch


    PS// Do you have a play list for this mix ?

  14. Hi all & thanks for the nice feedback, much appreciated 🙂

    @mrnoah: the track is by Arthur Oskan, “Resolutions EP” on Cratesavers Muzik.

    @poinx: though hard to believe, the version of Heaven 17’s “Temptation” that really sounds like a remix is in fact the demo version from 1981, recorded before the well-known version available on the LP “The Luxury Gap”. To my knowledge the version has turned up quite recently. It is available on a Greatest Hits CD+DVD.

    Kind regards


  15. Great mix! Listening in NYC, cheers to Hamburg and all in Europe.

  16. especially like the tension and melancholy buildup right before the 4 hour mark…

  17. this set is camp!

  18. that’s some fine music. i love the track at 1:34.
    thanks guys!

  19. Der Hamburger Sound hat einfach Seele…
    Bin gerade sprachlos,einfach schööön!

    gruß aus berlin

  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… tell me the track at 1:49:00 and if anyone has a copy of it for trade or purchase…? I can trade you some of my music as well

    any help would be great!!! thanks


  21. Hey shodgson1,

    the record you are looking for is by deepchord. check it:


  22. Thanks for the track ID ps_53!!!

    cheers from detroit

  23. This set is unbeliavable! What a souls, what a feeling…

    Nicest greetings from Slovenia! J

  24. shodgson,

    If you already haven’t, you NEED Deepchord in your life! Truely one of the best. While you are at it, check out the last Echospace record, too. All by the same guy, Rod Modell.

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