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Lars Behrenroth


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Santa Monica


  1. Another corking set from Lars. Some lovely deeeep moments.

  2. … some nice Camembert cheese, crackers, a bottle of Albiano wine … sitting on the verandah taking in a warm and barmy Sydney summer night – all topped off by some nice deep vibes from Lars.

    It’s the icing on the cake, and it tastes good! haaaaaaaaa

  3. The only icing I have is the two feet of snow outside my window, here in Rochester. ::So jealous of the Aussies::

    Anyone have a track ID at:
    14 min 45 sec **
    1hr 55 min

    Thanks from ROC city.


    // //

  4. ok, i’m just at minute 7 and he already got me there… beautiful deep vibes…
    Can anyone id the second track, the one about 7 min?


  5. this is lovely. so deep. helps with getting through the day!

  6. What is the tune between 15 -> 20 mins… this is lush!

  7. thank you for the nice comments ..

    track playing at minute 7 is:
    comfort fit – remember .. something I forgot (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Remix)
    was supposed to be a Tokyodawn Rec. release .. .might be dropping on my own upcoming label soon

    around 15 – 20 (started a little b4) is:
    Marvin Belton – Bleed to be free – Ferrispark Rec .. produced by Scott Ferguson
    one of my all time favorites

    Black Rascals – Keepin my mind – Sumo Rec
    was just rereleased in Japan only .. order your copy ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks again everyone ..
    and don’t forget .. I have a weekly radio show in the US which is also podcasted at

    peace, lb.

  8. thanx Lars,

    i can’t wait to hold this release in my hands ๐Ÿ™‚ Please don’t let me wait too long ๐Ÿ™‚

    cheers ps

  9. track at around 33m – 35min anyone? deep as hell!

  10. more questions..

    track at 42-43mins? In fact, just give us the whole track listing please!!

  11. oh dear.. one last one I promise..

    track coming in at 1hr 19… sounds cabanne -esque… this track hits every spot there is to hit… is it on telegraph or perlon or similar…?

    great set Lars…

  12. deep like penetration at a gang bang…lots of bumps and grinds and heaps of swapping tempo… its the way that this goes… ugh… yeah… ugh… yeah…

  13. Track at 1:15 anyone?

  14. breal: around 33 min: thats the new one on philpot: Break SL – Trombone PHP023

    i second the request for the track around 1:19 ๐Ÿ˜€ wicked!

    cheers ps

  15. ok. so I love that subline half hour 1 – 130. Would love to know the trax. Is that Thom Yorke on vocals for 1:19?

  16. Ok…der…of course its Thom York. And its a remix of “the clock” off the eraser album… BUT…! It is not the surgeon remix… limited MP3 download only… now so limited that you will have a hard time finding it. So who is this remix by?

  17. Ok… 1hr 19… found it. Well, my mate spotted it in about 4 bars… Its a track my Maurizio…one of the “M” series, think this one is “M5”. What a beauty, its an oldie too…respect.

  18. Dam it! Cheers breal but I realize now that it is actually 1:21 I’m after and the one before the maurizio track (the clarenet number).

  19. Hello there. Can anyone help me with the track about 0:51. just after Lohn und Brot by Efdemin. the one with the african chants.
    greetings . Great music.

  20. please !!!!!!!
    track starting at 01:15

  21. wow..sum tight shit..had no idea u play malibu..cant wait to c u

  22. Hi!
    me i would like to know the very first track!
    it seems unclassifiable…i like this

  23. the track 1 min 15 is from h.o.s.h.-steppenwolf (diynamic)

  24. This is godness! Wonderfull!

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