This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Daniel Wetzel & Andreas Sachwitz


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  1. no comments

  2. very nice trax, great work! this made writing my proposal enjoyable.

  3. Ah FETT, FETT, FETTER Opener-Track. Geil.

  4. more than beautiful…

  5. Von wem ist denn der Opener? MEGA-GEIL!

  6. how could i miss this ’til now!?
    wanna Wetzel & Sachwitz all day long.

  7. Opener seeehr nice kann jemand sagen von wem das kommt?

  8. Der Opener ist von Yazoo “Ode to Boy” auf der LP “You and me both” (1983)
    Gibt es bestimmt für ein Appel und nen Ei bei Ebay.

  9. Y I B blue? Hairy 1 got a new gig, been travellin’ and no chance to hook up Betalounge style fo awhile…back home now, tuned in, juiced and loose, and diggin’ on dis trak set…first groove like a Eurythmics thang…thanks fo the info on wut it iz…now, where is dat lighter….ready for liftoff…

  10. What is the track starting at about 03H:03M

    Great set.


  11. ich bins nochmal, 🙂
    der track gleich nach dem opener von wem ist der?:-)


  12. Does anyone have anything remotely close to a track listing for this set? Just amazing selections.


  13. That one I know, right after the opener:

    Rah Band – Clouds across the Moon


  14. さいこう。
    who ? track 2h05min
    very hypnotik music!

  15. Track 2:05 ist Max Berlin’s Elle et Moi (Joakim RMX).
    Tigersushi 04(?)

  16. So great to have nice sunday evening closure… every end of the week could end wit this… big up!


  17. Can somebody please tell me the name of the track after Rah Band – Clouds across the Moon? It begins at 8 minutes and 33 seconds. What a track.



  18. >> pittie75

    thanks a lot!!!

  19. yes i like great set
    Lite it up and sit back go to work or
    what ever you gotta Do,,
    5 stars

    enjoy..da Mix

  20. ok, 3:35:08…reminds me of old Fluke….anybody know?

  21. Fantastic Soundz!Greetingz!Aye!

  22. hits the spot!………lovin life!!

  23. nobody hears the cries for a tracklist – fine – keep your secrets but at least start touring worldwide so i can enjoy such beautiful sets in real and don’t have to feel stupid while dancing in the office 😉


  24. Starts kind of slow, but builds beautifully. Excellent track selection + mixing. Perfect for late night background music. Thanks :-).

  25. please help me to find the third track starting at 8min33
    like “chris”i’m looking for it
    thank you !!

  26. hello,

    the track at 8.33 is – i got no time to trackname the record now – a villalobos track (?)

  27. Hi there. Does anyone know the track starting at rundabout 3 h 08 min?

  28. I don’t know track at 3:08 but it’s great,

  29. Woo, listening to this for the 4th or 5th time now, such a top-notch mix. I’d also love a track ID… it starts in at about the 1:38:30 mark, chorus is something like “you can’t escape the echo… of my love”. Damn track gives me the chills, any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

  30. TRACK . 3.08 “clouds across the moon”by ? . i dont remember..

    early eightiees track..

    nice set OH YEAH!!

  31. sorry! 3h 08 min. im not sure!

  32. Ok. Track 1:38:30 is a “Kelly Polar Quartett” on Environ rec.

  33. the track at around 1:28… anyone? anyone??

    jonathan (london, canada)

  34. very good music and mix…very impressed..

  35. Aah what a begin:flashback from 1983…..
    with Yazoo – Ode To Boy and Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon.
    Be careful: these songs will stick in your head all day…

  36. yesyesyes….see’u@fusion.great mixing

  37. sensual* spacalicious*electronics – trips in every bedroom*

  38. This mix is beautiful

  39. Indeed a slick top mix, something for all! Anybody know what the track is starting around the 1h 26 min mark….blimey, its a bloody monster?????

  40. They love it, whatever that choon is, it just got played again 2h 38mins….come on, what is it called??

  41. naive question i got:
    is it possible to download the show to a computer? so i can play it off an mp3 player offline? such a great show…

  42. that is the question of a retard
    i am gay…… not

  43. Cheers to the djs anyway..

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    Just for you!!!!!
    There aren’t any stupid questions but answers….
    So watch your mouth, a dig might slip in;)…
    STUPID !!!!!!

    Greets fromA’dam…

  44. zachnear,

    I just googled your background, USA, so just back offf!!!
    This is good old Europe and we very much dislike personalities like your’s!!!!!
    So stay norrow mined in the USA, and do not BOTHER US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. ggg sehr geil

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