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Suzi Wong


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  1. First track, sounds good, got some alcohol..ready to groove.

  2. very very nice….

    thanx suzi!

  3. Suzi… bringin’ the hotness. With over two feet of snow outside, it’s nice to have some hot sounds to keep you warm.

    Anyone have a track ID at 26 minutes?


    // //

  4. slip slop slap dont forget your cap! this one made me think of how i like to lick inert objects and how doing it to a melodic beat makes it so much funner. ugh yeah calculator ugh yeah stethoscope ugh yeah refridgerator ugh yeah piece of rope…

  5. great set, although, have to be in the right mood.
    smooth and flowing
    big up from the U.K for Suzi Wong

  6. nice music…..nice tunes…..
    track around 37-39mins? anyone?
    thankyou beta lounge
    thankyou suzi

  7. hi, kann mir bitte jemand behilflich sein? ich will mir Suzi Wong anhören… wie kann ich das?
    was muss ich tun? in welchem format ? wie funktioniert das? bin neu bei betalounge

  8. im launch stand alone player kommt bei mir diese datei: 070210_wong_de.rm wie kann ich die mir denn anhören. bitte helft mir

  9. kann ich mir das einfach anhören oder downloaden, oder muss man dafür bezahlen?

  10. @Deluxe6

    Hier kannst du einfach gute musik hören, nicht saugen…
    Real Player 10 benutzen und wenns nicht geht, Player-Einstellungen und Firewall checken…
    …wäre schade wenn du das verpasst 🙂

  11. Hello folks,

    Thank you so much for your nice compliments!!!

    The track around minute 38 is “KiNK – Same Old Thing”. You can find it on RZ Records or on ODORI.

    I tried to find out what I played at minute 26 but I can´t remember on which record it was. 🙂
    …but the search goes on, ok!?


    PS: ein dickes DANKESCHÖN und viele liebe Grüße an die Betalounge-Crew!!!

  12. I found it!!!

    Minute 26 is “DJ Marley Marl – Urban House EP – Everybody feat. Egypt” (West End Records).


  13. Suzi,

    It’s the track after DJ Marley Marl’s “Everybody”. It has those bells banging away with the “out of sight” sample. Deep deep track. Who is the artist…. Slam’n mix. Did you really only spin for an hour or did the edit it down?

  14. excellent mix Suzi

    cheers Fin

  15. oh no! I can’t listen to betalounge anymore! I really really want to hear this mix, but realplayer doesn’t install on x64. What am I going to do??

  16. yes Great set, i like the track at 23min
    new website
    nuff respect ,
    lite it up,.
    or pass it

  17. nice it up!!

  18. First Track ID PLEASE!


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