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Anton Silber


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Planeten & Blumen


  1. ANTONIO! Superb set! Nice to mix minimal with some soul. What’s the name of the track, starting at 37minutes?


  2. The track starting @ 00:37 is called “Fuk Dat” by Sagat (Maxi Records 1993 / MX-2014)


  3. Hey,

    could you help me out with this, I guess, famous track around 0:48? thx


  4. Hi

    the track around 00:48 is by: Nick Holder & Kaje present… Trackheadz Feel (trackheadz001)


  5. sick mix….

  6. hello guys…thx for the very nice sessions from you all
    well, can you share some info about the track around 1:28…?
    thx a lot yo!..all the best

  7. yeah – nice mix!


    that track sounds like “einmusik – jittery heritage” or one of the remixes… 🙂


  8. ah, ok… that was not true :\ hmm… sorry… but i know it – and maybe have it…

  9. ….yeaH! fucking great! thanks!

  10. hellö,

    the track around 01:28 is a remix by joakim called – camino del sol – the artist is Antena. Appeared on Permanent Vacation Records 003-1

    jipiiii & ciao

  11. nice from you Anton…cool man!

  12. phhhhrrrroooaahhh, a gem of a mix this one! Some exxxxxellent tunes.
    Anton rules! bring it on, dude!

  13. that ‘camino del sol’ tune is one of those timeless classics already, f*ckin’awsome.

  14. nice set anton! sach ma bist deutscher?^^

  15. @suckz

    Danke für die Blumen.


  16. jo…is echt nice!..hör ich mir manchmal 3mal am tag an 😉

  17. Anton,

    Fantastic Mix! I’ve had this on all day for a while, now.

    Perhaps people have track ID at:

    20 min ***
    28 min **
    50 min
    1 hr 27 min **

    Big Ups.


    // //

  18. Sorry, scratch the last two, you guys already posted ’em. Forgive me. Thanks again.


    // //

  19. Hi Steve,

    thank you!
    Around 20 min. it’s a Remix by Ricardo Villalobos from Depeche Mode – Sinner in me. (white label)
    The tune at 28 min is from Stefan Goldmann called – Women in toilet (electrochocrecords 016).


  20. I agree with all the others, great set. I also love the last three outro tracks, who are they, last one sounds like kate bush.

  21. niiiiiiiiiice – niko!
    grüsse, zoran

  22. whats the “fuck that” track!!! made me bust out laughing! sick set

  23. The song is called, “Funk Dat” by Sagat.

  24. oh what a wonderful…set. grüße aus greifswald.

  25. I have the original Funk Dat by Sagat….So many versions on the same disc…..Good to see it re-surfacing again

  26. DEAD

    what’s the deal, another dead link?

  27. My favorite taste desu!

  28. this is so good still!

  29. I just keep coming back to all of the 3 mixes of yours on BL… Timeless stuff..!

    If you are still checking in on this thread what is the track at 8 and half mins…

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