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  1. woooo… what an excellent set…….

    thank you matchbox so much, i had this long night of programming ahead of me, and you made it such a breeze!!!

    cheers from the otherwise-depressed holyland

  2. woooo… what an excellent set…….
    More of this*…………Sssssssss…..;)
    these sounds…. !!! Let’s go Crazy !!

  3. this set reminds me of the times,
    when neda and maya were rocking hamburg.
    social club!

  4. Super Set, echt der Hammer, h√§tte ich gerne auch noch “Zugabe” gerufen.

    Could you help me out with this, I guess, famous tracks around 50:00 and 57:00 min?

    Thanks for all.

  5. Hey Troepsen, the track at 57 is Metro Area from their self titled release (dunno the track name). not sure about 50 tho…

  6. Excellent Tracks. Big ups to Matchbox.

    Anyone have a track ID at 1 hr 17min ?



    // //

  7. wow, this set is rocking after 40 mins.

    anyone knows the track @ 52:00-55:00?


  8. whats the first track? with “ladies and gentlemen, weclome” in it?

  9. The song in the background of “Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome” is from FSOL, I believe on the Lifeforms album.


  10. He also rolls into either a track from the Orb or Thomas Fehlman (can’t remember which…not near my collection right now to verify) at the time the “Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome” sample is playing.

    So far this set is bad ass! Thanks matchbox


  11. thanks oval! more interested in the “Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome” sample itself.

  12. w00t, betalounge did it again. me happy.

  13. yes Great set, i like the track at 23min
    new website
    nuff respect ,
    lite it up,.
    or pass it

  14. oh yea old school Future Sounds of London to start it off!!! i have a feeling this is gonna be a sick set!

  15. Track ID @ 25 minutes… = feeeeel so goood sample. Any one know this track ID….



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