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Canson [live]


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  1. Its good…but not long enough!!

  2. very nice!

  3. so tasty… uuuggghhh

  4. thanks everyone! i’m glad you like it!

  5. Nice, smooth set with a sweet end track. I was hoping it’d go on and on.

  6. so not only me think its not long enough …..haha


  7. Awsome!!! whats the track at around 18:30 (love it!) and where can i get a copy of it?

  8. thanks, i’m glad you liked it. unfortunately i haven’t got a copy of this live set and all the tracks are still unrealesed. sorry šŸ™

  9. simply beautiful ^^

  10. logged in logged on!

  11. smooth and sensual, like rubbing oil on shaved pets… good for them, good for you…

  12. been listening to this for the last 5 days and its all bout the bubbly beats that keep me coming back – thanks for the sound…well done! ( i know its a delayed comment but we’ve been off line for a while). peace!

  13. Yeeeee Haaaw!! What a crackin mix,fair play friend,thanks for sharing,I like this kind of tempo,it just creates tension on a dancefloor,which most certainly gets released…

    Cheeurs from Dublin.

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