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Ed Davenport, Eurokai, Meta.83


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ED DAVENPORT (liebe*detail / Gumption / London UK )
EUROKAI (liebe*detail / HH)
META.83 (liebe*detail / HH)


  1. Love is here! It’s all in yooooooouuuuuuuu, watcha wanna doooooooooo???!!!!

  2. to Hamburg with love! Umwerfend das Set, macht viel Spaß den erlesenen, elektronischen, minimalen Klängen zu lauschen.
    Damke und respect

  3. can anyone ID the track that starts kicking in around 55:00? sounds like mildly psychedelic carousel bells…got to love that minimal tripper shit!

    very nice set and big ups from SF!

  4. God deem …. WHAT IS THE TRACK AROUND 35:00 ….. oh my gosh,
    I MUST HAVE IT…. pleaaaazzzzeeee … anyone ?!?!?!??!????

  5. the track around 35:00 is MOVEMENTZ – 29 CALLS (MEMBERS OF THE TRICK 03 / SK117)
    the one around 55:00 is SUPER FLU from the SÜPER SPLIT EP (LORNA 03). thanks for listening !!

  6. great! that it! from tokyo

  7. Great Start, I hope to get the time to finish : )

  8. really great set. just the thing for headphones at work. thanks from nyc.

  9. And another super beautiful set – I’m happy – most wonderful is the track around 3:15:00 – anybody an idea what i have too look for to get it?


  10. whats the track @ 1:36?

  11. @ 1:36 – depeche mode – sinner in me (ricardo villalobos remix)

  12. @3:15 its Denis Karimani – Smallville 02 B1 – NDRU Remix (of A Side track) Great Label!

    Thanks for listening:)

  13. hi,
    what’s the track at 03:10:50?
    nice one.

  14. @robak – its JUST RECORDINGS 03 – KOCK & WILCK – great label !!

  15. Respect for the long set. It makes the day so much more enjoyable.

    Track ID @ 3:34:00 and 4:25:20 ?


    // //

  16. desde chile, gracias….muy lindo set……
    29min a 33min??

  17. anyone know name of track starting around time 1:08
    i wish dj’s would automatically include track listings….. hint hint

  18. Hallo, der Songe bei 00:30 min ist der Wahnsinn -könnt Ihr mir sagen was da läuft ! Toller Sound – viele Grüße, Flo

  19. hey, @ 3:34 it Pepe Braddock, Burnin. Cheers!

  20. one of the best mixes of underground house i ve heard in ages, i drank 14 pints of guiness listening to this excellent!!!!

  21. Yo friends, I ‘m a member from the beginning . i never give any comments. Well.. here it is… this is a fantastic site as you know. i love the mix from Liebe. THX to Ed Davenport, Eurokai and Meta.83. Keep up this good spirit ! check the next artists tooOOO !
    Soul Rabbi , Alex Barck, Dj Sepalot , Jake & friends, Different drummer soundsystem, Donna Neda, Oliver, Florian Keller, Boozoo Banjou, Battery operated, Rob swift , Disco D, Charles Webster, State of Bengal, Banco De Gaia, Luke Slater, Richie Hawtin and many more……… For the love of music !!! THX to all…. love ya

  22. bloop bleep skwak bang boof.. i took 14 suppositories during this set. whoa! my ass went all house like! yah yah! but not so excited up stairs. just an ass wiggling to the beat.

  23. hye guys great set

    whats the tune right at the beginning?

  24. the track right @ the start is taken from CSC001 / Luciano – No Model No Tool

  25. yes yes.
    def sick set. best choice of the min. tech-house kind in a long time! keep it coming BL- but think about creating playlists! would be wonderful. will keep my eyes open for the liebe crew in the berlin area now. thanks!

  26. thanx eurokai. love the japanese type metallic symbols at the beginning

  27. thanks for the gooood tracks … 🙂
    contemporary atmospheric tech house music!!

    anyone knows the track at 3h 55 min? super sweet swinging deep!

  28. i’m trying to get to listen to the whole 4 hours. Is there anyway of downloading this set from anywhere. I know betalounge to do the service

  29. yes Great set, i like the track at 23min
    new website
    nuff respect ,
    lite it up,.
    or pass it

  30. soooo sweet. this one made me feel really warm and fluffy and energetic at the same time. brilliant! ridiculously good synth sounds, very funky beats and still minimalistic. thanks!

  31. Love Hamburg
    Love Liebe Detail

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