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Sdag, Stoecker Stereo


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Sdag (The Fingerprints)
Stoecker Stereo


  1. wow, very chill downtempo, jazzy, funk mix. very cool.

  2. there are some truly delicious tracks in this mix

  3. Blazin’ Beats.

    Anyone have Track IDs at 4m 20s, 34 m, 47m?

    Proper thanks,


    // //

  4. blissful bouncing on my balls… i love my balls… so good to relax on, and this set really assisted with stimulation of good feelings throughout my body. rah rah funky rah… nothing better than wearing lycra and bouncing your balls. yeah!

  5. Who did the Coolio Cruisin homage at about 16:15? Sort of Erykah Badu style, lovely.
    “We were rollin top down, ready to fly on the street”

  6. Great stuff! All I need to get these damn issues solved here…. invoice by invoice … well any way I was asking myself what the dubby track at 1:41:40 is? Love it… it played to the end of my work phase… what a relief! lets get crackin…!

    big up sdag & stoecker stereo!!! nice work!!! If thats what you call “work” šŸ˜‰


  7. That track at 1:41:40 is from Romanowski . It`s on his “Steady Rockin EP”.
    Greetings Stoecker

  8. f*** cool soulful funky great mix !!!

  9. can someone give me some love on the track at 00:07:45?

    Great work!

  10. Truly awesome!!!

    Anyone know if these artists have websites I can check out?

  11. what’s the track about 01:07? thanks..

  12. dope funk beats!
    thank you betalounge!

  13. @doremifaso
    It`s a Track from “NU-MARK & POMO”s LP called “Blend Crafters”

  14. ouh yes! thanx! absolutely great mix!!
    best fingerprints mix i’ve ever heard!
    big up! love this shiaat…


  15. whooopy!

  16. 6th time listening before posting a comment….. damn solid 4hrs of listening…cheers!!

  17. Ouch HOT…love the beats!!!

  18. The whole mix is really great, but I can\’t get enough of that \”Girl I changed my mind\” track.

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