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Carsten Jost


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Dial Records


  1. Oh My God!!!! You made me a fan Carsten. I swear this mix is deeper than deep. Love the vibe your on my brotha keep spinnin’

    Much Love & Respect

    Carl Mansfield
    Los Angeles CA

  2. mann!!!!! grandieuse…
    ..spricht mir aus der seele..

  3. beautiful set, just as we like it. great for programming!

    thanks carsten

  4. I love this set
    Carsten U really started
    my night off on a good note.
    I need more

    Boston Mass

  5. special music mixed by a special guy. lovely!

  6. Could I get a track ID at 40 minutes?

    Great mix m8.

  7. ….and great for night work. danke

  8. Diggin’ the sweet music.

    Big thanks from Rochester, NY.


    // //

  9. …ist angekommen… gruß aus wien

  10. der track @ 20min. – is there any info about that? cheese

  11. Thank you for the sunday afternoon ride

  12. Mr Defender,
    the track at min 20 is Pépé Bradock’s ‘4’, a-side of Atavisme 004. As the b-side is just as brilliant this is definitely one to get!

  13. feelin it……’specially 1:04:00 and 1:31:00…….
    any help on those trax?

  14. great mix
    how deep it’s possible
    any idea for the track at 1:50:00 ?
    if house is a nation,i would be president !!

  15. @ friction.
    don’t know the one about 1 hour in, the second is either ‘rebecca pidgeon – learn to pray (charles webster dub)’ (just mixed out) or a mix of ‘laid – punch-up’ (coming in).

  16. dadaz
    I think that track at 1h50m is roland clark, or rather ‘urban soul – president’s house’ … not sure tho, so someone might be able to confirm. I also don’t know what mix of that track carsten jost plays.

  17. Super bon mix, thanks betalounge for so much good set since years, you opened my approach of music….
    any idea of the track around 1:20 and 1:24
    Positive vibes from France.


  18. nice to see dave back on the decks. the set he did with lawrence was one of my favs on here. thanks beta lounge for getting this guy back on…

  19. One of my alltime favorites! First heard the beta lounge mix with Carsten and Lawrence a few years back and still listen to that mix frequently. This one is gonna get a lot of play too. Looking forward to Dial Records offerings throughout 2007!

  20. this mix has already done a few rounds round here, good stuff from start to finish.
    These have been buggin me:

    00:35:00 – after moodymann
    01:01:00 – as requested before, after oasis#21
    02:15:00 – sweeet!

    any clue greatly appreciated! Cheers!

  21. Nice tight mix. Anyone know that track that comes in at the 26:00? Ridiculous; nice soulful house tune.

  22. mrnoah – that’s the moodymann track I referred to below, track A1 on KDJ07:

  23. this is a really really nice set, thanks for the stream!

  24. phonudja : Track at 01H01 is from STL track B1 geeting deeper released on Perlon

    Nice mix with full of great tracks !!

  25. cheers phonudja , appreciate that.

    anyone know the track at 1:26, i think someone asked that before, but it’s too ill, i gotta figure it out. it mixes out into the Ame ‘basic track’ tune.

  26. track at 1h50 is efdemin “just a track” soon out on dial … with carsten on the other side if my infos are good…

  27. @ dricse – thanks for the stl id – I even got that stl 12″ around somewhere ;))

    @ mrnoah – most welcome; and I think I can help again. the track before ame is ‘laid – punch up’ (I think one of the mixes on here: – but not sure …). In my set that’s not 1:26 tho, around that time I got rebecca pidgeon – learn to pray (charles webster dub) – then laid, then ame.

    still enjoying that set very much!
    thank you, carsten jost!

  28. … hmmm – what the hell is that track after the basic track – from about 1:44 to 1:48 – It’s hitting so hard I can write this request with my forehead!

    any ideas?

  29. And any idea for first track ?

  30. hey phonudja
    check franck roger “mind illusions” on earthrumental music 003

  31. Big big thank to the one who can help me for that track from 1:15 to 1:19 or the one that follows !!!

  32. @dricse – the first after the announcements is by john daly ‘solaris’

    @jacq – thanks for the id of the franck roger track.
    I’m afraid I can’t help with the two you ask for. The second sounds like Sven Weisemann or Oracy, like the Mojuba label, but I don’t think it is. Nice track.

  33. Thanks phonudja !

  34. amen

  35. nice grooves.
    any ideas on the track around 1hr 10?
    greatly appreciated

  36. again…a complete success! keep opening minds!

  37. @ skitchypants

    at 1:10 that’s T.O.M. Project – ‘Renaissance’.

  38. …. and I’m still looking for the tracks at


    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  39. @ phonudja
    thanks for the id really grateful.
    sorry i can’t help with yours.
    i’ll keep ’em peeled

  40. er phonudja. the track around 1hr 10 isn’t t.o.m. project.
    anyone else know?
    it mixes into tokyo black star

  41. @skitchypants: 1:10 is theo parrish – dan ryan 😉
    @phoni: sorry, can’t help you with your ids…

  42. preamp: Never, I say NEVER, call me phoni. Damn!

    thanks for getting that ‘Dan Ryan’ track corrected, tho 🙂

  43. @ preamptango
    thanks for the id
    i’m very happy now

  44. @phonudja: sorry… won’t happen again – i was only too lazy to type 😉

  45. i listen to all betalounge sets regularly and this one is exceptionally dope. i appreciate the vibe… it was the soundtrack for a recent road-trip to washington dc from new york. respect to the artists!

  46. ich bin wirklich kein großer”In Foren-Schreiber”, deswegen ist das alleine schon ein großes Kompliment…ich gehe quasi vor meiner Anlage in die Knie, wenn ich dieses Set höre…

  47. great music “carsten” … enjoyed it. like i did at pudel (hamburg) too …
    greetz from vienna. hope to see you again sometime … peace!

  48. great mix.

    Somebody knows wich track is at the beginnig (as the moderator speaks) ?

  49. I know it was a long while ago, but out of interest the track at 1h 20m is Jimpster’s Square Up (original Mix) on Buzzin Fly. Wicked mix…

  50. Does anyone know the name of the track that comes in at 46 mins? Just after the ‘Timbuktu’ dub? x

  51. anyone knows the track @ 1:46? i’ve been desperately looking for it for 8 months…

  52. okey i’m sorry, just see that jacq’s already answered it. many thanx! cool set…

  53. Nah, Dave… great melancholy as always. From all the cities I’ve had a chance living in, Hamburg was the greatest! and your “changing weather” sets at Pudel kicked greatly 🙂 I hope coming back soon!

  54. thanks preamptango for the track id..
    so good to listen to this set again…

    love is timeless

  55. @phonudja: i\’m also looking for the track at 2:15, it could be lawrence but i\’m not sure.
    anyone got an idea?!
    big set!

  56. @phonudja: the track at 00:35:00 is W&P HGG – yo tengo una gallogallina on \”Cornuta Sounds\” from spain (enjoy!)… und Respekt and die Crew…

  57. yes, what is the first song??

  58. the first track is John Daly – Solaris released at Feel Music.

    I found it just the last days.

    Danke Carsten & Betalounge und dem 1/3 .. .

  59. @___christopher___

    its Loosefingers aka Larry Heard – glancing at the moon at Alleviated Records!

    Danke an …loop und …-Records for hearing and selling records … ,-)

  60. superb stuff. one of my favourites. anybody know where the excerpt from the interview is from at the start of this? just after the snippet of shake\’s \”one beat (just won\’t do)\” and before john daly \”solaris\”?

  61. 2:51:00 Gene Hunt – inspire (Moods & Groove/mg035)

  62. 2:21:00 (sorry)

  63. – OHNICE –

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