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Homerun Hifi


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  1. yesssssssssssss…

  2. OH MY GOD! great set but if you start at the 1hr 15-20mn mark you are in for some hypnotic jazzy hip-hop that will have you craving more HOMERUN HI-FI!!!! for the love of god PLEASE!

  3. … i am just at 34 min… but i can allready say this is one of the best ever of betalounge…
    … specialy for funk lovers!! BRAVO!!

  4. that scored a home-run in my crotch….forget RBI’s.. this is all about RBA’s… Real Big Ass.. and how i am shaking mine to this muzak… my ass is out there, in the fresh air, just wiggling.. yeah! air it baby air it! smooth jazzy hip hop always makes my ass want fresh air! woohoo!

  5. we’d like to thank y’all for all the love…
    great to read you like our selection.
    feel free to hit our website anytime:

    oh and by the way – due to technical problems, about 30 minutes are missing from the set, some slo-mo-funk, some psyched out swing. the gap is at around 45 mins into the set. hope we can make up for this – back in 2007 šŸ˜‰

    all the best, keep up!
    master quest, homerun hifi.

  6. Peace,
    Anyone know what track drops at 2:20:17, right before Gang Starr?


  7. Dear Jenniepennie,

    the track is from UK-Legend BLADE. It’s on his EP “Planned and Executed” (1995). The song is called “They shall love this”.

    Greetz Defy

  8. at 2:45 there’s a nice bit that seems to borrow from Mr. Mittoo –

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