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I Feel This


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  1. I just reached the 6th minute mark and again, this song just kicks ass… Can somebody tell me please what this is??? Love, pace.

  2. Its been awhile sice I listened in….this one is definitely in the groove! Perfect when your entertaining at home and your looking for something between mellow & funky, with that retro-future funk feel…OWA!

  3. cool and i would like know tracklist.
    could you tell me please?

  4. @christopherhell
    that’s Mark E – Beat Down on Running Back records
    have a look:

  5. Vielen Dank! I feel this, 4 sure.

  6. I Felt Myself
    the music made me
    then i felt some more of myself
    it was good, i used heaps of liquid soap
    so fresh and clean
    I Feel It

  7. ooooo I get it! Make it deep, and funky. I’ve been schooled! Nice!

  8. real good fucky grooves!!

  9. missing the n of “funcky” sorry!

  10. Who knows the title of the track at 37:41?


  11. @pjgonzales

    that’s an edit of Diana Ross ( & Eddie Kendricks ) – “Gonna make you love me” done by Barma Sound Machine and out on Blind Test

  12. @pjgonzales
    thats an edit of Diana Ross ( & Eddie Kendricks ) – I’m gonna make you love me by Barna Sound Machine out on Blind Test records

  13. @constantin
    Thanx! A great track in a wonderful mix!

  14. Mesmerizing Mix, floating on clouds of sound!

    Anyone know the tune around the 0:29:00 min mark?

  15. track id 2 hours 15 min…..what a dope tune….Black Soul Female Vocals

  16. Hey Shaddy ( aus Freiburg? )
    The track in question is by a new production outfit from Valencia/ Spain
    W&P Hugg – Gospel edit 5 – cornuta Sound

  17. @Papa76
    thanks so much for the props
    the tune is: Lexx – Scirocco – Bear Funk

  18. thanks constantin, say shouts to lars when you will see him.

    Shaddy from Freiburg!

  19. top mix, wicked tunes. Does anyone know the track around 2:29:19?

  20. much obliged, dear bangkok
    that platter got dropped by Lars but i can give you the desired info as well.
    Skwerl – All Woman ( from Members of the Trick #4 ) – Sonar Kollektiv

  21. Hi all. Anyone knows the name of the track around 32 min (something about “secrets”)?

  22. thanks constantin for the info

  23. hi Cloclo,
    the cut is “Lonnie’s Secret” from one of my favourite albums in 2006: Owusu & Hannibal – Living with…-Ubiquity

  24. hi constantin! first of all ..thx for the nice sessions from you all … well, could you please share some info about the track before Skwerl – All Woman ( from Members of the Trick #4 )..?….. around 2:25:.. thx a lot mate!

  25. hey thx, djcollares
    that’s one of the records of the moment: Larry Heard pres. Mr White- Sun can’t compare – Alleviated

  26. Thanx Constantin!!!

  27. Hi constantin, what’s the name of track played around 1:10?

  28. Hey Bangkok
    that’s MondeΓ© Oliver – Make me want you – Gherkin Records from 1991

  29. who’s singing the first track- “I got so much time” please ……thanx, great set

  30. thx for the props, chausse. the track in question is a philly international classic: The Futures – Ain’t no time for nothing

  31. woooow, that was a nice show… i am really feeling this πŸ™‚ Due to this perfect mix, i feel an urge to ask for a lot of track titles… but to keep it polite and only ask for one πŸ™‚

    So please anyone:
    What are they playing around:
    … 2:16 to 2:21

    cheers and thx in advance

  32. ps_53

    thanks for the nice comment and also for your thoughtfulness but please don’t supress your urges – it’s not healthy πŸ˜‰
    the track you are looking for though, was already asked for by Shaddy earlier πŸ˜‰
    here’s the info:
    W&P Hugg – Gospel edit 5 – cornuta Sound

    Come Again! πŸ˜‰

  33. Hey Constantin,

    thank you very much for the info. And sorry, i did not look at the comments closely enough as it seems. πŸ™‚

    And of course i am back… And listening – Again. Really a nice selection there!!! I was going to ask for the info about the track after Mr. White πŸ™‚ But this is already answered…
    But my second most wanted track is playing around 3:06.

    It so strange. I go to record shops quite frequent and still i am missing so many good tunes…



  34. Ps_53
    that cut is “Space Ridims” from Ron Trent & Chez Damier originally from the “hip to be disillusioned ep” on Prescription and just re-released late last year in their classic vault series

  35. Many thanks for the reply constantin!

    Just wondering if you could also give me some love on the track at 00:50:01?

    Keep up the great work.

  36. no problem, pops
    that’s Blackbelt Andersen – Sandoz – Full Pupp

  37. Hey Constantin.

    Thank you very much for the answer there – and yes. That indeed is a fine record so i picked it up. It’s just not what i was looking for @ 3:06…
    But that set is so good – I am still diggin it πŸ™‚


  38. Any one know the track starting @ 01:21:05 – thanks again!

  39. The track that starts at 50:10 just keeps on building and building … sounds like something off Full Pupp.

    Does anyone know? I wanna track it down, so I can play it in the comfort of my home, while watching the sun go down over Coogee Beach. Thanks πŸ˜‰

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