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Zoran Zupanic & Pelle Buys


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ZORAN ZUPANIC (Philpot/Hamburg)
PELLE BUYS (Einmusik/Italic/Hamburg)


  1. Zoran Zupanic & Pelle Buys is……

  2. Nice set. Especially like the chill stuff around the two-hour mark.

  3. 100% minimalism – i luv it!!!

  4. hmmm… little bubbles fill up my space, my head

  5. what track is playing at 01:47:00. nice one!!!

    the whole mix is very nice. big up

  6. and another one, what’s the track at 2:02:00?

  7. it’s too fucking loud and it’s too fucking fast.

  8. aye ­čÖé the track starting at 2:02 really does sound niccce. I wouldn’t mind a track id too.

    overall a really good set! Defenitely worth a listen!!!!

  9. hallo again a fantastic set from those quality hamburg based artist.thanx for this one again,
    the tune played at 2:02 is:

    BATTILANI, Angelo/EFDEMIN Login use your Wishlist Product Information Empty (12″) Liebe Detail Germany.

  10. Nice set, you guys. Great tracks, but also poor mixing at the two and a half hour mark. No offense. Probably free drinks at the lounge, right?

  11. Nope, I’m not being impolite, when I call this poor mixing. I’m only mixing for a year now, but I mos def. know when to kill the fader. What the &*^$ is going on man?!

  12. Best set on beta lounge…….

  13. wow. this is the most wonderful…

  14. whats the track starts at 4:08? very nice track

    Good sets btw =)

  15. it’s jacek sienkiewicz’s “warszawa dla amatotow”
    cheers zoran ­čÖé

  16. this entire set is off the hook!! and i am from Chicago..:)

  17. Does anyone know the track with vocal sample, ‘we can push the tempest by’ ? Men from the Nile??


  18. @ slayer
    the track is “push push” by rockers hifi. just re-releasy on get physical rec.

  19. top mix


    ok track name of first tune? please ? anyone?

    love it

  20. @boe_mason:
    it’s “tagesschau”, jackmate rmx on diynamic records.

  21. very nice mix…who know track on 34min??

  22. and then track after that one too pls.?

  23. really lux the first 20 mins ….deep down happy : )

  24. nice one Zoran,
    keep on grooving

  25. Pozdrav Iz Ivanca, HR
    Jako dobar beat, ─Źestitam!!!
    Wery nice beat, Congratulate!!!

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