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Sugarlicks Crew


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Pacific Soul/New Zealand

feat: Isaac Aesili / Manuel Bundy / Brother J / Gmuva


  1. Continue to bring the noise

  2. Thanks for that!!!!!!

  3. yo, anyone know who it is at 0500mins?
    i’m feeling it.

  4. song at 20.00?


  5. neriksson – 5:00 is Feelstyle | ‘Su’amalie / Ain’t Mad At You’ | Break It To Pieces L.P.
    sneekr1 – 20:00 is Sa-Ra Creative Partners | ‘Glorious’ | 12″
    if you meant the one after that though …
    25:00 is Opensouls | ‘Rise up pt.2’ | 7″ (NZ dopeness!!!)

    Respect to the fellas, spreading the love!

  6. how we can find tracklistof this show????

  7. I would love to know the setlist also, fantastic

  8. thanka arama —

    actually i meant the song before the sa-ra partners… ‘lay it down” or something… from 17:00 to 21:00

    such a good song…

  9. found it…..

    “lay it down”


  10. kia ora … i know what i like to lick, and it aint suga. most of the time its smooth shiny surfaces or anything made from clay. i love clay. this set makes me want to lick other things, funkier things, more chilled out things… like kiwibirds and wekas. thanks for the nice set , kia ora ey bros. lick on!

  11. choice Arama
    thanks for helping out with the tracklist … been a bit slack and was a loooong set so didn’t traklist (we had to play Mojo club the same night)
    most of the earlier stuff is from Solaa, Opensouls or off the Sugarlicks 12″ vinyl singles you can hear on the site or at out myspace


  12. thanks for playing some songs you like. why not just share the playlist next time. then we can mix it ourselves since you can’t be bothered.

  13. i love the track at around 3.53.50. does anyone know who it is?

  14. i’m flyin’.. veery heartbreaking music!

  15. new zealand represent….god how i miss that sound….best hip hop/reggae/reggatron clubs in the world

  16. pfizzyx, why you hatin? why do you assume to know what the deal is?

  17. anyone know what FFD – RAY RAY remix that is?

  18. Thanks Amara

  19. The track at 3hrs exactly is some dead sexy stuff. Can anyone hook me up with a title or artist please?

    Coming from Australia, I have to say it’s great to see some people from our part of the world representin’; big up yo’selves, Sugarlicks Crew.

  20. Phat set from the the southern hemisphere. Represent. Kept the hotel lounge bar groovin all night….DK.

  21. Track 2:23:00!

    what a dope track!

    anyone who knows the artist and name of the track?

  22. 3:12:00

    same shit!

    whos the artist and the trackname!

    sooooo dope, i am flying!

  23. muhahaha, same track! hahahahaha

  24. I need the track i need the track!!!!!!!!!

    heeeeeeeeelp! it is soooo fuckin good! more of that music needs the world!

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