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Silly Walks, Sound Quake


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00:00:00 oliver (silly walks)

02:01:36 till (sound quake)


  1. Great, Willy Walks is back! I was listening to 11/27/2004 show over and over and over and over…

  2. Rather Good wot, wot, wot

  3. _ehhhh! large!! respect don! best tune-selection inna http://www..

    ** LISTEN & LOVE IT **

  4. _ehhhh! large!! respect don! best tune-selection inna http://www..

    ** LISTEN

  5. i did a silly wank while listening to this and ended up with my left hand glued to my chest and my right to an exotic bird… man this is a good set… chill to the bird calls… jah jah oooh jah…

  6. wicked tunes… can’t resist jah power floating through what is left of my magnificent mind, keep turnin’ & burnin’ #my night nurse, oh gosh…

  7. jah is da king of all heaven and earth – he will always be by your side so pay some respect to his creation which includes yourself. just another killer set from the man silly walks!!!

  8. oh yesss! my rastababy loves grooving to this set in his baby-hammock.

  9. nice sound…summa-style. liked your set in greifswald last weekend (though the club sucked)…
    keep’ da riddim flowin’…

  10. thanks for this delicious set. i can listen to it over and over again. and thank you britta for these peaceful moments full of love

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