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Matt Moroder


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  1. fantastico! great semi-chill bob-your-head synth music. cleaning the castle while shakin my hips gives for good sunday night. thanks matt.

  2. Nice so far…

    Track name at around 11 min?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  3. nice – the 700th show!

    i love you betalounge … šŸ™‚

  4. anyone know the track around 42 min?

  5. does anyone know the track at 1:47?
    Thanks a lot!

  6. that stuff is uber hot… I love that “slow” drive… hmmm yummy

  7. I have no idea what’s going on right now.

  8. what on earth is he playing. wow…………………. some of the best music i have heard in a long time.

  9. three days later and i’m still-just-a-lovin-it. even the housekeeper is shakin his hips.

  10. deep elektro-house soul funk , i don’t know what…the whole mix is great. Home made loops??

  11. hottest shit my dear….
    keep on rockinĀ“……..
    even my ma is shakin`…


  12. uh ah, oh yeah!
    i like it a lot.

    yup yup. let’s go naked…

  13. traklist??!?!?!?!

  14. Bravo!!! Kick it baby…. I am using this set for my upcoming pary. What is the name of the track at the 20 minute mark. It’s funky.

  15. thank you again betalounge, for letting me listening to this all night long.

  16. Bloody superb!!

    Hail the DJ with this kind of KNOW HOW!


  17. moroder illuminating forcing gyrating no placating – broken glass on the pavement never caused so much movement. magnifying magnificence moreover moroder is a marauder of miraculous melodies made to mold mis-shapen metaprogrammes made from misinformation of media masses misconceptions of music. britney spears pierced by sir lancelot.

  18. Tracklisting would be cool.

    I’m Probably showing my ignornace, but here goes anyway.

    What’s playing at around 1:23:00 ?

  19. still on it…….
    thx betalounge, thx aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalot matt

  20. Briljant! Same question here; what’s the track starting at 00:11minutes? Please!!!

  21. where is Mikerism? I only listen to shows HE reviews!

  22. T R A C K L I S T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PLEEEEAAAAASEEEE!!!

    (or at least someone tell me track around 55)

  23. neeeeeeeice and smooth at the 1:57 point..somebody give me some love on that.

  24. now this dj needs to come to sydney australia!!!!!!!!!

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