This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

The Fingerprints


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  1. that was the worst thing i ever heard
    there were parts i liked
    it was great

    This set is for the real heads. thanks.

  2. Shakin’ like jello to dis, but dozed off halfway, hairy1 be all out to lunch, bourbon and coke to blame, mus sleep mos def, lay-tah…betalounge big upz!

  3. nice tunes, like the dubstep !!!

    chers Fin

  4. actually not. it gets a lot better, i hought i was in for a shocker

  5. thanks for the newish dubstep and post grime sounds in opening set. sounded like a lot of new material & really raw (straight from the bedroom studio even); good to hear as I’m always listening for gems. mixing was a bit bumpy there though. digging the funky electroish house sounds post 1:00 hour mark. just how we like it. cheers.

  6. someone know the track title at 2h 20 min of the mix?

  7. @ dino:
    it´s fairmont – “gazebo” on border community
    cheers, skar

  8. step step one two blah blah im doing cool facial expressions and acting really tough.. yeah.. ugh.. bring it on… blah blah… touch my titty, rub my ass.. ugh ugh.. yeah!

  9. I must say vibratiuons of ’89. For non Brits= excitement, fear, unity and t-shirts tucked into jeans.

  10. Thx for beëing Out There

    to represent this.

    Easy on the ears, and the mind.

    You make my night a nice one again.

    Heads-up fo tha BetaLounge.


  11. yes Great set, i like the track at 23min
    new website
    nuff respect ,
    lite it up,.
    or pass it

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