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Pingipung & Schlammpeitziger


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  1. this music is out there, i feel like i m on the outer ring of jupitor

  2. celebrations and salutations!!! peow rowr slip slip swooosh and then some o’ the ol’ ^^… +~~~~~___—– *** yarrr creativity and freshness above all, but not too many hands in the kitchen

  3. Woohoo…..mal wieder ein unglaubliches Set….einfach genial….. vielen Dank Leute 🙂 grüße aus der Küche

  4. uuuh forgott something… could somebody tell me the name of the unbelievable track startin at 20:00…..??? greets the “kitchen ” 🙂

  5. La lune blanche Luit dans les bois De chaque branche Part une voix Sous la ramée… 0 bien-aimée. L’étang reflète, Profond miroir, La silhouette Du saule noir Où le vent pleure… Rêvons, c’est l’heure. Un vaste et tendre Apaisement Semble descendre Du firmament Que l’astre irise… C’est l’heure exquise. P. Verlaine

  6. whoa! hand me back my brain! please! i think someone made love to it rough style. this set maybe? whoa!

  7. This is a diverse-genre-crossing-beautiful-funky-evocative set. Thanks a bunch. Also Pingipung is a very fun name to say. Pingipung!

  8. Hello, the magnificent valz/tango mash that starts at 3:13:something is so fantastic. Does anybody know what this magnificent piece of music is? Or the WHOLE PLAYLIST??? I bought a 1210 Mk2 for my parents so I’m broke and need help with this song. Thank you and happy new year all betaloungers, this is the best music site in the world. Rog

  9. Mr Heltslut: Thanks for hooking us up with the best afterparty stuff around! Peace

  10. Good stuff for good people! Rock it! /helt

  11. Briliant music. Thanks.. 🙂

  12. not only was the first 2h40m motherfreaking brilliant, bleep and spacey, but after this mark, the set gets really wild with danielle dax, the residents…. brought back sweet memories. eighties, listening to a dutch radio programme (vpro’s “spleen”). thank you thank you thank and i bless the day betalounge came into my life. love.

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