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Echo Beach


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  1. Hot Damb – A new set – Eh OK!

  2. I have stuffed my head with tons of learning goals for my upcomming test tomorrow and all I can say is that I have never learned in such a relaxed way as with this nice beautiful set of chilly beats… nice reggea tuch… firmly drifted of in a way of thinking that learning goals are pure fun! thx for entertaining me so much while really doing unentertainful stuff! best regards and big up !!! nice set!

    greetz from germany


  3. I hope the learning goals will come back to me with an echo and after competing I will have a nice cocktail at the “beach”…. ­čśë

  4. Ahhh yes … thats what Im talkin’ bout.

  5. nice to see you back betalounge, seems like a long time

  6. What’s that funky-ass first track?

  7. Aw, hell. How about a whole set-list? A lot of old gems in there and I cannot remember the artists. I can give iTunes a workout on this one!


  8. indeed an excellent first track – excellent set – and excellent to see you back betaloungers!

    yes yes, working is easy again…

  9. Great to have you guys back!

  10. oh yeah. Chrissy Hynde rules!

  11. whats the 2nd track, i went back to ohio

    cheers fin

  12. Eindelijk… finally!
    they’re back… and how!

  13. ive just seen you have had two shows on, where you been guys, kep it locked for the autumn, dont disappear, i feel ther is some great stuff a coming

  14. 2nd track. “My City Was Gone” The Pretenders off Learning To Crawl.

  15. waited sooooooooooooooo long (the whole f*ckin’ summer!!!) for a new set. finally!
    nice smooth set, i like it!!! run di riddim!!!

  16. cheers f8te

  17. Bansicrasin irie tunes. Good shit

  18. DAMN, this is so good!Super chilled. I only managed to find one other set on Betalounge, and the echobeach website is under construction. Does anybody know where I can get my next Echo Beach fix?!

    Cheers Betaloungelovers.

  19. yeah… great set!!!

  20. bonerrific! bonertime! what a set… bonermania! chill roots, chill beats, chill boners… so good… just adjust the ice pack and let your crotch be free! yippee! welcome back betalounge!

  21. I really love this set. Thanks for bringing it to my ears betalounge.

  22. Duuuuudde!!! DDuuuudde!!! Its like i’m on some other planet!!! LOL!!Nice DubLab…Echo that BEACH!!Nayyygahh!!

  23. nice one.. big up.

    the dubberdome…

  24. SMOKIN’ Yeaaaaahhhhhhh! PUFF PUFF gives MO’FOs’.
    LOVING it yesssssssss, oh gimmmeeee mo’ fo’

  25. to keithmic, the first track is robert palmer “through it all there’s you” from the sneakin’ sally through the alley album. great album too..

  26. moin,

    hab mir mal wieder den mix angeh├Ârt und bin bei ca. 3:01:00 wieder sowas von begeistert… und da mir der song jedes mal auff├Ąllt, wollte ich mal fragen wer das ist und wie der song hei├čt… (und am besten auch gleich der dahinter, der massiert auch so sch├Ân die synapsen….)

    besten dank, auch f├╝r die sch├Ânen vibes,

  27. 2 hours into this show is very cool try it you might like it. I have been listening to these archives for a long time and this one is nice!

  28. Very Cooooooooool Sound!

  29. 3:01 ist von Matthew Herbert, glaube ich

  30. ah! big ups

  31. yessssss… the best! nice surprise on a bad day.

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