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Efdemin & Carsten Klemann


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  1. superb mix…..can you dial with that!

  2. this is one excellent mix, love it !!!!

  3. ich freu mich schon so wenn ich mir den mix jetzt gebe!!!

  4. great mix as i hoped/expected. can anyone id the track efdemin plays at the 1 hr 6 min mark? richie hawtin dropped it a few weeks ago and totally blew my mind… cheers. good having betalounge back.

  5. That Solaris track is just wonderfullllll… The engine for this outstanding set. Thanks. you cowboys!

  6. Folks, what’s the name of the track starting at +- 02:28:00?

  7. Great Set!! I also love the track starting on 2:28, I know it but can’t place it–beau-tee-full. Thanks for the tunes.

  8. I have been making so much music simmilar to this set! nice to find likeminded people. I am still trying to find my identities (e.g. there are a ariety of styles of deep techno and house I am making) but one set of music I am often doing is deep, detroity and hypnotic like this stuff. No labels like this in Vancouver. Any recomendations of labels to be sending demos to?

  9. I love the set as well πŸ™‚ the track at 2:28 sounds a bit like a remix of something by a tribe called quest πŸ™‚ “we do it all for the love…” well at least it made me put “the love movement” on my table

  10. Deep, dark, emotional. Nice mix. ; )

  11. ah, yeah. and good to see betalounge back with some new shows! thx for keeping up the work

  12. Track at 2:28:00 is P

  13. intellijel, I would recommand you to send your music to Dial from Hamburg or a smaller american label like Underground Quality. Who knows, maybe it could work… Track at 2:34:00 is from Jus-Ed, the boss of Underground Quality if you want an idea of what they make.

  14. Thank you jeebee!

  15. yezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! finally new fresh footage from the lounge…waitet the whole summer 4 it. so nice that set!!! acustic medecine!!!!

  16. that mix is absolutely nice!!! what is the track playing at 3:40:40. please help me out I need that piece on vinyl. thanks

  17. Wow fantastic set guys….

  18. just spent 4 hours dealing with invoices and accounts and with that mix on, it was actually quite enjoyable… v. good.

  19. hey chrisdisko,. track at 1:06 is on ibadan. sydenham&ferrer: the back door get it! cheers p

  20. beautyful.set. really! does anbody knows the track at 03:45:00 ?

  21. caramelo – thanks so much. love you. what a track. thanks thanks.

  22. I wish these sets could be podcasts.

  23. @smuepop: its the A track of the record: “musik gewinnt freunde” πŸ™‚ … ONE OF MY FAVORITES THIS TIME! whats the track on 3h40min? any idea caramelo? πŸ˜‰ greetz

  24. Sehr gut show Efdemin und Carsten. Is there a playlist available for this set? So many of the tracks are greatness and would love to purchase them. Keep up the good spins.

  25. What a Lovely selection of muzic, im so glad that YOU have brought this to our Atention..PEACE TO YOUS……

  26. Anybody having an Idea what the track around 1:15 is? Holy sweetness that is but i doubt the real name is anywhere similar… awesome set markus

  27. any idea for the track starting around 39min 40 sec, i think it’s thomething from marshall jefferson but i can’t found it .help !!!

  28. ok i found it it’s Kerri Chandler – Oblivion not marshall at all thank guys

  29. Great mix. Nicely surprised to hear John Daly – Solaris in there (19.00). His second release. Gotta give the brother a shout. Nice

  30. Does anyone know the track, that starts at roundabout 52 minutes?

  31. Track starting at around 52:00 is from Rick Wade, taken from “Night Phases” on Moods and Grooves #32. I wish I would have it! I love what Rick Wade do…

  32. tobhard, you can hear Rick Wade releases and more on

  33. a great experience for my ears- thx!!!

  34. a great show indeed!! is there any chance we can get this mix? it will be realy great to play it at my work, where i work at a shop.. It fits perfectly =)

  35. I love this set. Inteligent house music. Thankyou betalounge. The first two sets of this new season are class. Big respect to you and your faithfulness in continuing to bring us the internet phenominon that is beta lounge. all things electronic. Tracks around the 48-50 mark. Any ideas people? In fact, a set list would be awesome. Come on! It must be in the interest of the artists and labels that produce them.

  36. Ok some body please tell me. The tune at the change over. The 2hr mark. I just gotta have this one. Answers on a postcard please.

  37. wow wow woohy…my jaw has been hitting the floor for the first hour. guys you did a very nice job on this one..quality tracks on this one…I rate it up there with the ADNY and Carsten Jost/Lawrence set on here.

  38. thankk you jeebee, greetings from bremen.

  39. Marcellus Pittman ist auch sehr schoen! Waer das nicht mal was fuer die Betalounge, ‘ne kleine fxhe Sause?

  40. Hello Biltricks1, track at around 48:50 is Andomat 3000 & Jan, “Entr’acte Music” on Cadenza #12… It’s a recent one, you should find it πŸ˜‰

  41. For Biltricks1 once more… Track at at 2:00:00 is “Gods Grace” from Jus-Ed on “Unity Kolabo EP” released on Underground Quality #5. A recent one too…

  42. YEAH, keep the house deepadedeep!!!

  43. Hi everybody To JeffTurner The track at 3H40 is from KOCK & WILCK – Fur Den Garten freshly released on Just Germany Very nice set !

  44. ask and ye shall recieve – they have asked for house and the basment has been opened and converted into a bomb shelter. deep underground. forming foundations for further disposal of canned goods as fresh fruit is comsumed from backyard eden gardens. replacing nuclear missle tests with solar panel showers to clean away the cobwebs lurking in the corners of decrepit mental materials. staid structures of old fashioned ideologies fashioned in a brain disconnected from its body. new houses shall be built, houses without walls, minds without liimits, by construction crews brought together by the call of the sounds from beta lounge. okay, that’s a bit corny but the music is ……… and i got some time on my hands waiting for the bus.

  45. Definitely worth the summer wait! Fantastic music. Thank you Betalounge.

  46. what’s the track around 1:00:00??? omar-s?

  47. just ask your dr if its ok to listen to this one. it may cause seizures and prolonged painful erections. it happened to me. writhing and firm i listened for hours. then … out of nowhere. i realised that the music was making me leak. weird stuff… i cant listen again…

  48. Nice one jeebee! Much appreciated.

  49. Track around 1:00:00 is larry heard. forgot the title. cheers

  50. “hey freaks, look at me”…what’s the track around 00:26:00??? …that makes me go crazy…!!! dankeschoen

  51. Hello haertig… Track at around 26:00 is “Come See” from Marcellus Pittman released on Unirhythm.

  52. fantastic return after summer break… but whats the track at 1hr 39?

  53. Tracklist Efdemin 0:00:00 – 1:59:00 Track Label Artist Track/Ep Name Starts at around: 1. – Moon Dog – 0:00 2. Love023 Andy Stott Choke / For The Love 0:00:30 3. Mojua 004 Sven Weisemann Let

  54. Trop de la balle tous ces mix!!! Keep on grooving!

  55. caramelo – many thanks for the track listing

  56. horizontal groovements_ _ _ __ _ _ _ 3hr:32min ??? thx people for the set. we walk together.

  57. oh dear, what’s the track at 3hr:45min ? it’s gorgeous.

  58. Duh, should have checked thoroughly before posting. Thanks JeffTurner, will be on the lookout for that Musik Gewinnt Freunde 12″. Beautiful set.

  59. I got a copy of musik gewinnt freunde from Kompakt a short while back. perhaps they still have it.

  60. fantastic mix … || 3:32.00 >> anyone an idea?

  61. 03:32 is a track from “loco dice – el gayo negro” on ovum records πŸ™‚ cheers

  62. thank you enning. great song. true. the other side of the 12″ is also great.!!! thx also to betalounge!!! πŸ˜‰

  63. anyone know the fantastic tune at 2h06?? just before ‘different places’ my thomas melchior. cheers!

  64. the track is by Gene Hunt on Big 50 Ent.. but I forgot the Title. cheers, carsten

  65. hi carsten! you mean the track at 2h06 mins? couldn’t find any gene hunt on m&g that sounded like that πŸ™ antonio

  66. Efdemin&Carsten for president! very sensual tracks,the mix make my day…i love it

  67. Hi everyone! Would someone be so nice to tell me the name and producer of the song at 01:07:30. Thanks, Angel.

  68. dahburger: burning by pepe bradock @ 2:28

  69. DEAD what’s the deal, another dead link?

  70. Yeah, Efdemin for president!

  71. uuuuh…what a deep, deep, deep pleasure! If I was a guy, I would have the same feeling, that Mikerism had about this fine music…;)

  72. famos .-)

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