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Disco Diamant, DJ Hysteria


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  1. It’s always a great joy to hear a record that gets played in my sets on the betalounge. Big ups on the Dr. Feelgood instrumental at around 30 mins. in.


  2. Dickes Intro, danach unglaublicher Discobreakboogie, wie immer! Jungs, haut rein und nochmal many thanx für die nacht (und den tag) in kölle…DD is dick!!


    sticky dojah

  3. BOOOM!!! HYSTERIAAAGH!! what a surprise to see you up in here, my favourite work music station! the boom sesh yeh ////dark surklz forevah////
    -pete from london hit me up sometime:

  4. superbe show, die herren.
    ich bin begeistert.
    und vielen dank für geraldine hunt. oder besser die erinnerung daran.

    besten, meikel

  5. EXCELLENT SET!!! Just Chillin’ In The Technical Center. In N.J. Just Taking In The Sounds. Props To Disco Diamant & DJ Hysteria

    Grace & Peace BetaLounge, Keep The Sounds Coming.
    Disco, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Electronica, Old School, Soul at its best.

  6. ich hol’ mal meine tanzschuhe aus’m schrank !!! 🙂

  7. lots of different entertaining music which could transfer a smile in your face..

  8. wahnsinn, roberto blanco @ 1h 51 min, maximum respect!!

  9. Was für ein unglaublicher Track bei round about 1:58! Weiß jemand wer das ist?

  10. …ist ein Indischer Soundtrack. Habs auch nicht mehr auf dem Schirm. Frag Scope at

    Greets DiscoDef

  11. Besten Dank…das mach ich. Habe ich ganz vergessen zu erwähnen: ein Wahnsinns-Set insgesamt!!!

    Cheers CooK3000.

  12. Hairy 1 been illin’ but back now, sippin’ and trippin’ agin…where be da nu sheeeit from betalounge?
    I am into dis funkin’ set, like a pleasure-termite gnawin’ into mah mind! Grassy ass, amigos!

  13. yes were is the new season? Aug is gone yo. How bout an update.

  14. Kick ass guys, just listening to your show here in AZ and spreading the word to Norway right now!

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