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TY & Barry King


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  1. Good vibes coming from the one like TY ….

    any pics of the session ??

  2. Hi everybody, DJ Olleck an me did a set after TY. My set was a mixture of Breakbeats, 80s New School Rap and other Funky Stuff .

    If you like it check me out under
    or the page of my favourite record lable

    My Set starts here:

    2:28:46 Lefties Soul Connection – Organ Donor / Melting Pot Music
    2:32:05 Hawkeye – Still Jivin’ / Melting Pot Music
    2:35:00 Tuff Crew – My Parta Town (RMX) / Soo Deff Records
    2:36:49 King Bee – Back By Dope Demand / Big One Records
    2:38:46 Le Scratch Funk – Go Off!! / Melting Pot Music
    2:39:55 Elevator Man – Immigrant Noise / Whitelable
    2:43:29 The P.T.A. – Unfinished Thing / Throwaway Records
    2:46:46 Sharon Phillips – Want 2 – Need 2 / Brickhouse Records
    2:49:29 Breakout – It’s Time To Breakout / Dominance Records
    2:51:09 Hawkeye – You Gotta Feed The Funk / Dominance Records
    2:54:56 Fader Gladiator & Das Lindenschmidt Orchester – Beat Concerto In a Minor / Dominance Records
    2:58:50 Hawkeye – Monkey Hustle / Dominance Records
    3:02:25 Eric B & Rakim – Know The Ledge (Edit) / Whitelable
    3:05:49 Chuck Chillout & Cool Chip – I’m Large / PolyGram
    3:08:14 Miami Boyz – Hype Jam / On Top Records
    3:09:44 Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack / In Effect Recordings
    3:11:55 Lejuan Love – My Hardcore Rhymes / Luke Skywalker Records
    3:14:14 Ice Dog – Stick Up Kidz / 4×4 Records
    3:17:05 Ronnie Hudson – West Coast Poplock / Street People Records
    3:17:45 Ronnie Hudson – East Coast Poplock / Street People Records
    3:19:20 Peak – Get Carter / Afro Art Records
    3:21:54 DJ Magic Mike & M.C. Madness – Class Is In Session (Club Version) / RM Records
    3:25:38 Four Tet feat. Percee P – A Joy / Domino Records
    3:27:44 Chill Rob G – Let The Words Flow / Wild Pitch Records
    3:28:45 Four Tet feat. Percee P – A Joy (Part 2) / Domino Records
    3:29:56 Chill Rob G – Let The Words Flow / Wild Pitch Records
    3:30:31 Four Tet feat. Percee P – A Joy (Koushiks Quick Mix) / Domino Records
    3:32:03 Herwig & Alois – S/T / Beattwon Records
    3:35:05 JCD & The Dawg LB – Personal Loser / Profile Records
    3:38:05 John Wagner Coalition – It’s a Man’s World / Licorice Soul Records

    After that Dj Olleck is on the cut again.

    I came back at:

    3:49:55 De La Soul feat MF Doom – Rock Co.Kane Flow / Sanctuary Records
    3:51:07 Kev E Kev & AK-B – Listen To The Man / DNA International Records
    3:52:39 Maestro Fresh Wes – Drop The Needle / Lefrak Moelis Records
    3:55:21 Tuff Crew – Show ’em Hell / Soo Deff Records
    3:56:42 DJ Day – Gone Bad / Melting Pot Music
    3:58:21 Le Scratchfunk Go Off !! / Melting Pot Music
    3:59:34 Hawkeye – Kicked in the Nuts / Melting Pot Music
    4:01:28 Vehicle – The Ides Of March / Seven Arts Records
    4:02:53 Parliament – Little Ole Country Boy / HDH Records

  3. uaaaaaauuuu, what an eclectic and amazing show…. thaanksssss Ty!!!
    que no cese el grooooove…


  4. I’m sorry, I didnt knew that they put the evening in 2 parts online. So if you wann check out our sets go into the archive and look for Hawkeye & DJ Olleck.


  5. way good. heaps of mad familiar beats. like when you get to know your partner real well and its any time any where any action style lovin… this brings out the lovin.. funk and beats and hip and hop.. til ya dont stop.. pounding..

  6. Hairy1 a-specially-a diggin’ da def reggae turnin’ funk ’bout an hour in…feelin’ da vibes clear on down…zipper vibratin’…been down like dis’ befo…lovin’ it heah-gin@ betalounge…red wine flowin’ tonight…mo y mo Ty & BK!!!

  7. who is this lady from the third song, right after erikah?

  8. Wow what a great set,
    lite it up
    and lets chatdown babalon,,,,,
    Yes Sire …. jah,,,jah bless it.
    DA Most High,

    new website peep game

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