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Miss Leema & Manja Tai


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  1. miss leema live in the mix bei beta, wie geil is denn das?
    miss leema live in the mix at beta, how good is that? (for the english speakers)
    groove on!!!

  2. and how good is also manja tai.
    quite a nice chill mix!
    wattn hammer chill mix!
    wenn geht trackliste aufschreiben. draussen sonnenschein drinnen diese tunes aus den boxen. perfekt

  3. schön, Eure Bekanntschaft gemacht zu haben, Ladies.

  4. since when is ‘geil’ just good… how about sweet, or kick-ass?

  5. does anyone knows the name of the very first track? differetn versions been on loads of balearic compilations, but this one´s incredible…

  6. Very very nice mix..keeping me awake … someone one canfeel some ladies are mixing .

    Andy Psynergy , Retina Funk

  7. leema and manja! we’re kickin it to your fine fine sexy music in canada! keep it up we ant to hear more of these sexy mixes. peace!

  8. I Love Miss Leema.

  9. oh so funky, sexy style mix,
    love it, listn too it, mix more music to it 🙂

  10. clean urban R&B, nice mix!!!

  11. the soundtrack for my lazy sunday afternoon. enjoyed both.

  12. 3:26:15 when that ladies voice goes on the track i go beserk… i got up from my seat and jumped up and down and shook my head and slapped my naked body with rashers of bacon i was trying to cook.. Miss Leema and Manja Tai you are right on with this one… can i take you out on a date? i cook good bacon, we could cook it together.. so hot.. what a hot set.. bacon cooking hot…

  13. Hiary1 be down wit da flu…liquids only…cept fo da sweet smoke, and dis LOVELY set, makin’ mah fever worse, but doin’ da healin’ dat I be needin’…wishin’ to git up and move to it, but doc sez stay in bed…
    BetaLounge cures wut ails ya!

  14. Miksik pierwszego sortu! Respect! Razem z kolegą Michałem jesteśmy zachwyceni! Tylko nie trzyj Michał nie trzyj !!!!

  15. the move from LaLA land to HH is not so bad, when I can enjoy beats at the beta like this. massive tight rythmic mix. lovin it. again.

  16. dieses ist so reizvoll

  17. great mix.. lovin it over and over again. would love to see a setlist, but not holding my breath.

    at the very least, does anybody know the funky track that starts at 15:45? Many thanks..


  18. very nice flow. The songs are arranged like my girlfriends panty drawer… All these cute bits together…

  19. “does anyone knows the name of the very first track? differetn versions been on loads of balearic compilations, but this one´s incredible…”

    Goapele – “Closer”

    Go check her live, she’s incredible.

  20. One thing tho…. Too many songs with screaming black divas in a row… Too much of a good thing is, well… too much…

  21. One of my favorite mixes on this site. Great set!
    Does anyone know what track is at 2:07:30? Its hard to pick out the lyrics to search. Sounds like a repetitive lyric is \”Rock Right\”.

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